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Multi-station Cold Formers by Harbin Rainbow Technology -- Capacity/Capabilities are Significantly Upgraded

2018-06-13  |  Author : by Gang Hao Chang, Vice Editor-in-Chief of Fastener World   |  Class : 螺絲世界中國國際版

Harbin Rainbow Technology Co., Ltd. is dedicated to the import/export business and R&D of machinery, tooling and electronics products. Its product portfolio includes screw/nut cold formers, heading machines, galvanizing lines, mesh belt furnaces, etc. With years of goodwill and experience in offering technical support to the market, Harbin Rainbow has successfully become an authorized dealer of several machinery and tooling suppliers. In response to the market development and customers’ ever-changing demand for fasteners in recent years, Harbin Rainbow has reinforced its R&D and developed various multi-station cold formers. The bestsellers in the market are models RBF-84S and RBP-206L(H).

Complex Clamps are Added for the First Time
Efficiency Better than Similar Models in the Industry
Considering customers’ focus on the capacity and capabilities of machines, Harbin Rainbow’s excellent R&D team introduced the design of complex clamps that could improve both capacity and capabilities into RBF-84S cold former and RBP-206L(H) 6-station part former, which means a new turning nut clamp is added onto the original single horizontally moving clamp in order to generate surprising working efficiency to users.
Compared to similar models in the market, RBP-206L(H) 6-station part former is particularly worth being mentioned, as it shows more competitive advantages, which are detailed as below:
♦ Main die stroke is up to 240mm (other similar models: 200-210mm), which means longer cold formed parts can be produced.
♦ Punch die stroke is up to 55mm (other similar models: 45mm), which means sophisticated parts with longer heads can be produced.
♦ The assembly dimension of the main die is ø125*450L(other similar models: ø125×240L). It can be installed with dies for manufacturing sleeves with higher added value, improving the manufacturing capabilities and increasing the production of cold formed parts with higher added value. 
♦ It has an independently working and replaceable complex clamp mechanism (including a horizontally moving clamp, a turning nut clamp and a turning clamp, which can be changed to different positions according to different manufacturing demands of customers.)
♦ It has a material retaining mechanism to ensure the stability of the clamp and improve efficiency in manufacturing short parts.
♦ It has a pulse calibration control system for easy calibration & testing, improving efficiency, avoiding accidents and reducing the risk of die damage.
♦ The 6th station is installed with the 7th clamp, which can deliver formed parts to the belt directly, thus avoiding part damage and enhancing the quality of cold formed parts.
♦ It has a horizontal wire rod holder. Feeding is remotely controlled by a shaft, which can be operated easily, reduce labor force and increase safety. 
♦ It has an upgraded main transmission mechanism with up to 430 tons of cold forming force, much better than other similar machines.

Applicable to Sleeves, Spline Gears and Other High Speed Rail Parts and Popular Among Emerging Markets
General manager Chen said, “Our customers using other old machines in the market used to face the issue of failure to produce qualified cold formed parts. Our machines can not only solve this issue immediately, but can also simplify customers’ manufacturing procedures, increase the anti-pullout strength of products and reduce the dependence on imported machines. Thus far, our machines have been widely used in production of sleeves, spline gears and parts for cars and high speed rail. We continue to gain more market share in the industry and our products have been successfully exported to emerging markets (e.g., India, Brazil and Mexico). In addition to the fact that we have applied for many patents, we will also develop more new models for different cold formed parts markets to satisfy various customers’ demands.”

         Harbin Rainbow Technology contact: Mr. Chen
         Email: chen@rainbowtechnology.net

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