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The New Highly-efficient Riveting Assembly Solution! Vibration Resistant & High Anti-pullout “Lockbolt and Collar” Made by Changzhou Ruibo Hardware Technology

2018-08-27  |  Class : 五金、零組件、螺絲半年刊雜誌

by Gang Hao Chang, Vice Editor-in-Chief of Fastener World

Changzhou Ruibo Hardware Technology Co., Ltd., an SME dedicated to export, has been well-known for R&D and production of various lock bolts, collars, stainless steel castings, cold forged parts, stamping, welded parts, CNC machined parts and non-standard or customized parts, which are mainly applied to railway, automotive, military, textile machinery, electrics, machinery, aerospace, mining machinery, high-voltage appliances applications. Its factory is not only equipped with multistage cold formers, threading machines, general lathes, computerized lathes, processing centers, grinders, mills, wire cutters, automated welding machines and many other medium/large-size CNC processing centers, but also is equipped with a professional testing center operated by technicians and managed by its management team. Following the business running principles of product quality, customer satisfaction and honesty, Ruibo Hardware is active in developing various customized fastening solutions for customers, and customers it serves are from China, Europe, USA, Japan, India, Southeast Asia, etc. It has also established close collaborations with companies located in USA, Canada, Japan, UK, Korea, Chile, India and Thailand. In addition, Ruibo makes a lot of effort in product R&D and has successfully developed “Grade 8.8 High Strength Lockbolt and Collar” for the heavy industry. 

The Widely Admired Fastener That "Never Comes Loose"
Grade 8.8 High Strength Lockbolt and Collar developed by Ruibo Hardware features superb vibration resistant capability, excellent shear strength and satisfying anti-pullout in practice. Plus, the quality of finished products is consistent and can help users complete riveting assembly fast and effectively, which is why they are comprehensively used in railway, automotive, mining machinery, steel construction, bridges and many other scenarios that require high-strength fastening solutions.

General manager Spring Liu of Ruibo Hardware, who cares about product performance, safety and durability a lot, said, “Lockbolt and Collar was developed completely by our team and has won approval and recognition from many customers in the global market and has been successfully sold to USA, Mexico, Netherlands, UK, France, Russia, India, Australia, Ireland, Korea, etc. In the future we expect more users could experience and acknowledge the advantages of this product, thus further increasing the awareness of our products in the market.”

Strict Standard Operating Procedures Make It Awarded ISO9001:2015 Certification
Strict quality control is a basic requirement and routine in Ruibo Hardware’s manufacturing facilities. Operators on-site implement strict testing compliant with PPAP3 standards in every manufacturing step, in which not only product sizes are tested, but also mechanical properties of  products are tested. That is why “no customer complaint” has been submitted since the debut of the product 10 years ago. General manager Spring Liu said proudly, “Lockbolt and Collar series always follow the principles of superior & stable quality, quick delivery and service of the highest standard. We hope that global users of lockbolt and collar could give us a chance for quotation, as we are confident that our specialty and excellence in products definitely won’t let you down!” 

Ruibo Hardware contact: Ms. Nancy     

Email: sales@ruibotechnology.com

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