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Stressing on Anchor & Nut Quality - Hsien Sun Industry Meets Client Requests with High Efficiency

2018-09-17  |  Class : FW

by Gang Hao Chang, , Vice Editor-in-Chief of Fastener World


Hsien Sun is a professional nut makers specializing in construction anchor nuts and special nuts. It started off producing bicycle nuts, and then began to produce various anchor nuts and customized special nuts through its accrued experience and technology to cope with increasing domestic and overseas demand. With a factory spanning 3,967 square meters,  Hsien Sun has expanded product line to various steel and stainless steel anchor nuts. On clients’ request, it can provide other types of screw and turning parts.



Focused on Nuts Used for Anchors

Direct Forming Technology Brings Price Advantages

Anchors are made up of various fasteners such as screws, washers, nuts, tubes and plastic parts produced from different manufacturing processes. Among those fasteners, nuts are one of the indispensable types of components. If European manufacturers were to produce special anchor nuts by themselves, they would normally have to make it by turning, but this type of machining costs more and produces so little that it cannot meet clients’ demand for low cost mass production. Hsien Sun tackles this problem by adopting direct forming of nuts to save the time and cost from secondary processing and shorten lead time. This not only meets clients’ demand for less cost but also greatly increases price competitiveness. Additionally, the company helps clients apply for ETA certificates.


Sales manager Julia Tsai said, “Our products apply to the construction, automotive, public construction, tool and machine industries. Most of our clients are from Western Europe. We have many years of experience that helps us deliver quality products trusted by our clients, so over the past 40 years we can establish long-term relationship with them. If the client can provide complete drawings before placing an order, we can comply with their requests on material, specification and strength at our best. We can even find out the flaws in clients’ designs and offer complete advice.”


High Product Stability Reducing Client Complaints

To save cost, many buyers would choose inferior products that in application will create substantial risks for clients. This will result in troublesome client complaints. Julia said she was not concerned about low price competition because the company only adopts high quality materials. Stringent ISO9001 manufacturing process and well-mastered manufacturing technique enable the company to produce every batch in high quality and stability. Julia stressed, “With our products, clients can rest assured of product quality with no concerns about issues caused by low quality. ” Hsien Sun is open for technical consultancy with clients and this service is the competitive edge that we are proud for.”


Over the years, the company has been a top performer in manufacturing process. It has well-maintained nut formers and tapping machines in the factory. Furthermore, to stay up to date with product update, it invested quite a fortune in new threading machines and optical sorting machines that can suppress defection rate and foreign matter to under 25ppm. Apart from the manufacturing process in the factory, Hsien Sun collaborates with qualified partners on electroplating, and all electroplated products returning to the factory will go through quality inspection.


Differentiated & Flexible Service

“The amount of red tape to process a purchase request in a large company would be overwhelming, but Hsien Sun’s service in contrast is more flexible. Take urgent orders for example, we can communicate with clients to find the best solutions for them under reasonable conditions. Hsien Sun services its clients to meet their demands and continuously improves technology and maintains quality to keep acquiring certificates. It hopes to gradually tap into Latin America and other markets in the future while retaining competitiveness in the market.”


Hsien Sun’s contact: Sales manager Julia Tsai

Email: hs007@ms17.hinet.net

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