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2018 Global Fastener Meeting- Where Quality Comes Together

2018-09-27  |  Class : 政府/公協會/扣件團體

“Working Together and Keeping Strong Collaboration Among the Industry” Agreed Unanimously by Attendees


 by Gang Hao Chang, Vice Editor-in-Chief of Fastener World


On September/25/2018, the Italy’s largest and the only one association for fastener distributors- Italian Fastener Distributors Association (also known as UDIB) held the Global Fastener Meeting under the main topic of “Where Quality Comes Together.” Around 150 esteemed guests from Taiwan, USA, Europe, Turkey and Hong Kong and 8 Presidents and representatives of national fastener associations (including Taiwan’s TFTA & TIFI,  U.S. NFDA, Europe’s EFDA, Turkey’s Besiad, and HKSFC) gathered together under one roof at Cosmo Hotel Palace in Milan to share the most up-to-date industrial intelligence and viewpoints in respective countries and regions and explore upon the topics on fastener quality.


With the warmest welcome to all attendees, UDIB President Mr. Gian Marco Dalpane mentioned in his opening speech that despite the existence of a few political chaos and economic relevant issues (e.g. high unemployment rate or fiscal pressure in Italy), Italy is still one of the world’s most important market players and has a vibrant fastener industry that continues to take the lead around the world. Mr. Dalpane referred to the importance of international and regional collaboration in particular and appreciated the strong relationship and friendship with so many successful industry professionals from different countries and regions. As the President of UDIB, he said UDIB will continue to carry out its missions to improve knowledge and skills, share data and represent and speak for the interest of its members locally and internationally.


Following the speech of Mr. Dalpane, UPIVEB (the other Italy’s leading association for fastener manufacturers) President Mr. Sergio Pirovano, EFDA President Dr. Volker Lederer, Mr. Henry Chang on behalf of TFTA President Mr. Jimmy Chang, NFDA President Mr. Kelly Cole, HKSFC’s “first female” President Ms. Shirley Wu, Turkish Besiad President Mr. Mustafa Tecdelioglu and former TIFI President Mr. Joe Chen were also invited to give their speeches.


UPIVEB President reviewed the milestones and key achievements UPIVEB has achieved in the past 57 years in his slides and introduced some well-known faces from the Italian fastener industry to the audience; EFDA President Dr. Volker Lederer explained the objectives and role of the association he represents, EFDA’s activities at EU and international level and trends in the fastener business. He put emphasis on free and fair trade in an open marketplace and standing against protectionism and unfair trading practices; Mr. Henry Chang on behalf of TFTA President gave a speech on the development and visions of TFTA, which now has 325 members (incl. manufacturers (70%), manufacturing traders (25%), traders (5%)) and shared some statistical data about Taiwan’s fastener production and export in the past few months. He also mentioned the advantages of working with Taiwanese fastener suppliers and said that the estimated sales of Taiwan’s fastener industry is expected to reach 3.9 billion euros in the year end of 2018; NFDA President Mr. Kelly Cole talked about the role of NFDA, which includes providing business intelligence, executive/technical education and discount programs to help members “thrive in the global marketplace.” He also shared with the audience the analyses conducted by ITR Economics about the current developments in different industry sectors; HKSFC President Ms. Shirley Wu introduced the aims and strengths of HKSFC and the business types of HK-based fastener enterprises. She especially mentioned the strongly connected friendships among the fastener industry whether at the HK level or the international level and said that with more and more 2nd generation entering the fastener industry, “working together” will be the key word to help the industry advance further; former TIFI President Mr. Joe Chen talked about the past, present and future prospect of Taiwanese fastener industry as well as the missions of TIFI. He said that Taiwan’s fastener sales calculated by MT in 2018 is estimated to reach approx. 1.65 million tons and in addition to the strong collaboration with U..S. customers TIFI is trying to develop more business in other markets like EMEA; Besiad President President Mr. Mustafa Tecdelioglu also introduced to the audience the current development of Turkish fastener industry and Besiad’s key role in representing members.


Following after the speeches of the associations, Mr. Ing. Sante Costa was invited to give a speech on the topic of “Where Quality Comes Together, ” which also received so many feedbacks and aroused discussions from the attendees.


In order to appreciate the enthusiastic participation of all esteemed guests, UDIB organized a dinner gala at an authentic Italian restaurant a few minutes drive from the hotel. Great atmosphere with good cuisines and music gave all the attendees a very wonderful night.

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