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Biggest Chinese Bimetal Screw Factory Reaching 2000 Tons of Annual Sale----Dongguan KuaBiao Stainless Steel Fastener Co., Ltd.

2018-10-17  |  Class : 螺絲世界中國國際版

by Dean Tseng, Fastener World


KuaBiao was founded in 2005 and established a stainless bi-metal self-drilling screw factory in 2013. It is the first Chinese professional stainless bi-metal screw producer, also the biggest manufacturer in the field today. They introduce advanced equipment and superb techniques from Taiwan and Japan, researching and producing high-value fasteners widely applying to many fields such as energy saving and heat proofing buildings, solar panels, etc. Their products are provided domestically and also exported worldwide, including Dubai, Australia, Russia and so on.  


KuaBiao’s Fasteners Spotted in China’s Well-known Construction Projects

As a long-standing pioneer of bi-metal screws, their products certainly would be adopted in a host of infrastructure and large structural entities in China, and among all the most famous ones are Shanghai Disney Resort, Hong Kong–Zhuhai–Macao Bridge, Port of Shenzhen, terminal buildings of Shenzhen and Guiyang. Projects that involve domestic and international transportation hubs extremely require corrosion resistance along with consistent locking performance. Moreover, metal failures such as fatigue failure are never tolerable. For this, getting adopted in government-approved constructions gives KuaBiao a strong endorsement of fastener quality and stability.


High-level Climatic Corrosion Resistance

Utilizing Austenitic stainless steel and going through hardening treatment on the self-drilling tapping portions, KuaBiao’s bimetal screws have excellent performance in corrosion resistance and can easily work under all kinds of complicated situation, including chlorine-contained oceans, severely humid environments, and industrial surroundings coming under acid precipitation. This kind of product can last for 1000-1500 hours in salt spray tests, which is correspondent to the third and fourth level of Australian standard (AS35663), suiting projects that require longer corrosion resistance. 


Ductile, Rigid, Eco-friendly Bimetal Fasteners

Pushing Sales Record with Quality

So far KuaBiao’s regular sizes of fasteners provided to the projects include 5.5-14*32 and 5.5-14*25, and the available materials are 304 and 316 stainless steels coupling with alloys. The combination of highly ductile Austenitic stainless steel and high-rigid alloy steel allows a single drilling screw to drill, tap and lock once and for all in one operation. Without a doubt, KuaBiao is not limited to the regular sizes, and they accept special orders as well. Clients can rest assured in that their products are in line with both EU standards and international environment protection standards, which means it’s free from lead, cadmium, mercury, chromium, bromine, and other deleterious substances. Having the certification of ISO, SGS (salt spray test), and CE is the best evidence for their excellent product quality.         


In order to monitor product’s quality, KuaBiao has salinometer, salt spray tester, spectrometer, tension tester, drilling speed tester, torque tester, projector, micrometer, caliper and other related inspection equipment. According to KuaBiao, there will be more and more clients requiring high quality products, and the company predicts the total sales will reach 2000 tons of screws this year. “We will reach out to more fields in the future. Let us go hand in hand and share the bright future!”      


KuaBiao’s Contact: President Mr. Guang-Ming Yen


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