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The Expert of Perfect Customized Punches- Sheng Long Industry Shows Full Devotion to Punch Manufacture

2018-11-13  |  Class : FW

by Fastener World


“The quality required by our customers is the only goal that we must achieve.” Sheng Long is proud of its dedication to special punch development and manufacture of high-quality and zero-defect customized punches. Located in Kaohsiung City of Taiwan, Sheng Long has over twenty years of experiences in manufacturing punches. It is best acclaimed for making the best of its innovative technique and approaches to develop punches with special shapes. The company contributes the core technique of punch manufacture and therefore significantly improves the competitiveness of Taiwan’s fasteners, making itself one of the esteemed supporters for fastener peripheral industries in Taiwan.


Top Brand of the Punch Industry with Tolerance Within 0.002mm

Sheng Long’s products are sold across Taiwan and exported to Europe, Japan, Southeast Asia, China, etc. Currently, the main products are punch tools, carbide punches and non-standard punches available in sizes of Ø 0.25 to Ø 150.0 and length up to 700mm. The company can develop punches of different shapes and purposes based on drawings provided by customers.


Although the cost of materials has been increasing for decades, Sheng Long still insists on using materials imported from Europe to maintain stable quality. Sheng Long never doubts about its attitude towards materials it uses. It has reached the top level of the industry in punch shaping, and therefore is capable of manufacturing punches with special shapes within 0.002mm tolerance for customers. The company invests in machine tools every year to improve machining precision and the amount of investment gets bigger every year just to continuously improve quality and efficiency. It works hard on increasing the precision of inspection equipment to make the equipment fast and able to accurately measure all sizes with no loose ends. Recently it has developed with a partner a new model of measuring equipment that can tackle blind spots in inspection. Equipment improvement allows for better capacity to timely cope with the increasing client demand. Sheng Long acquired the ISO 9001:2015 certificate two years ago. It conducts quality control using stringent inspection standards and a complete range of calibration tools, including IP65 outer dia. micrometer, 3-point inner dia. micrometer, IP67 digital caliper, digital height gauge, block gauge, thread gauge, pin gauge, microscope, surface roughness tester, hardness tester, concentricity gauge, projector, etc. The company has an ERP system to control the whole procedure. It can service clients more efficiently through computerized and digitized management.


Best Things to Give in Return:

Devotion to Customization & Client Satisfaction

Sheng Long has a specialized QC team to control punch quality, dimension and specification. It can meet customers’ expectations in terms of materials, specifications and titanium types if the customers provide drawings in detail. It can also detect vulnerabilities in design for customers and provide better suggestions. Recently it has developed for an overseas client a new product with an irregular shape and a peculiar connection on the arc portion that is never seen on a drawing before. The drawing came with a requirement on size tolerance. After the discussion of managers and graphics designers, they were finally able to manufacture the new product. The client was quite satisfied upon receiving the final product, which is also a positive recognition to Sheng Long.


Sheng Long is planning to exhibit at Fastener Fair Stuttgart next March. Customers from all around the world are welcome to visit its booth and create more business opportunities with Sheng Long together.


Sheng Long’s contact: Mr. Hogar Huang

E-mail: best.hogar@gmail.com

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