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Extraordinary out of Simplicity- Baohui Invents the World’s First “LeBitGo” Lego-style Screwdriver

2018-11-13  |  Class : FW

by Fastener World


Ever had a hard time fumbling through your cabinet, drawers, backpack every time you need a tool for a repair job? There are often times when you need an assortment of tools, though it may not have come to your attention in daily life. Now think about this. If you have a tool looking stylish on your desk, coming to the rescue in your desperate emergencies, and even playable in the palm of your hand when you need some time to kill, wouldn’t it be awesome? “LeBitGo” is the magical hand tool to satisfy that desire. It comes with a transformable structure patented in multiple countries and an appearance awarded by the German iF Desig. It is stylish, fun to play and very much useful.


A Tool Like the Transformers

Besides transformability, LeBitGo fits your hands like a glove which is its core value as well as the fundamental requisite for a hand tool. It can serve as a tool, as a decorative element just like the remote control holder you have in your living room, and of course as the “magic wand” that saves your mother’s day in her kitchen. You can have it attached externally to a screwdriver bit and work in conjunction with other tools, and there are many other ways to use it as far as you can think of. Tools can be very complicated in how they are used, but the creator of LeBitGo, Baohui Screw Power Bit Inc., wants you to use them in the simplest ways. With creativity, beauty and an artistic design, even a random combination of simple geometric shapes can deliver one-of-the-kind fashion and delicacy of the materials adopted.


What Makes LeBitGo So Special?

LeBitGo has a unique hexagonal shape and various holes designed based on repeated calculations and tests to allow for all sorts of combinations. Its hexagonal wedge design and hexagonal pits allow for more stable connection. Its structure seems simple but has actually gone through many challenges in processing. It consists of 3 elements: metal cover, double ends and the main body. The black surface of the cover made of chrome vanadium alloy steel is more rigid than a hammer. The double heads made of chrome vanadium alloy steel are a single workpiece made through CNC machining to have ultimate roundness and provide a perfect match with screws. The driver bit of the main body is made of S2 tool steel, the best available tool material that is stiffer than chrome vanadium alloy steel. The spring steel ball on the connecting surface had been replaced with a dozen different combinations to give a better feel in assembling LeBitGo. The double heads and the head of the main body go with various sizes of driver bits. The hexagonal main body is available in 3 types of materials: titanium alloy, stainless steel and nylon carbon plastic. Furthermore, the main body contains the powerful NdFeB magnet whose magnetic force were deliberately calculated to give you a sense of comfort that feels just right. Additionally, the creator went through at least 20 different trials and errors and finally found the right special washer for LeBitGo to ensure solid, safe and unloosening connection. LeBitGo, simple as it looks, embodies unwavering adherence to perfect user experience and a better feel of the tool.


Baohui, the creator behind this brilliant new product, was founded in 1989. The founder Mr. W.B. Tseng was not only one of the commissioners forming the national hand tool standards in the early development of Taiwan’s hand tool industry, but also the one dedicated to making his company technically-oriented. Currently the business has been taken over by two successors of the third generation. They don’t see hand tools as a dying industry. With their new business model, the company advanced from OEM to ODM and passed ISO certification. In 2017 the company developed LeBitGo awarded by the German iF Design. The rollout of LeBitGo and the adoption of Big Data and Industry 4.0 are now the primary targets of Baohui’s development.



Baohui’s contact: Joseph Fu


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