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The Master of Customized Stamped Parts- Ho Sheng Company: Submit Your Drawing and Ho Sheng Can Make It for You

2019-02-18  |  Class : 五金、零組件、螺絲半年刊雜誌

by Nai Wen Chang, Fastener World


Founded 20 years ago, Ho Sheng Company was originally a small workshop with only a set of machine before it gradually grew to the scale today. Mr. Xi-Wu Hsieh, the founder of the company, recalled his career in the past and said, “I started my business at a rented factory and was once a mold apprentice, which later helped nourish Ho Sheng’s strict requirement on mold quality. When molds are of good quality and high precision, they can be used to manufacture high quality stamped parts. And, if customers have demand for customized products, we definitely must have knowledge of mold manufacturing. When adjustment or modification is required, we can offer right-to-the-point solutions immediately for customers.”


The Ability to Satisfy Customization Request

With a wealth of experience, Ho Sheng is able to satisfy all kinds of customization demand. General manager Hsieh said, “many of our customers come to us with their drawings. Some customers may not have full knowledge of stamped parts processing, but we’ll do whatever we can to help them modify their drawings in order to manufacture finished products that meet their request for functionalities. We also once helped a customer manufacture a wave washer, which is very difficult to be processed, as the angle of its split open end is quite different from that of standard washers, and is requested to be flexible in use. Although it was indeed a tough task, we still successfully developed the special wave washer eventually and won top-rated evaluation from customers.”


World-class Quality and Brilliant R&D Ability

Products of Ho Sheng have been indirectly sold to many foreign manufacturers around the world. Ho Sheng also once won the orders and positive feedback from a Japanese company after they visited Ho Sheng’s factory. Nowadays, Ho Sheng’s major products include simple hand tools and various washers and components for furniture. It can satisfy different demand for stamped parts of various types, sizes and materials.


Currently, Ho Sheng is developing interior parts for new height-adjustable computer desks for an US customer and has confidence in developing this type of products for furniture and collaborating with customers in R&D to achieve their requests and quality requirements. Although the competition among stamped parts companies is fierce, Ho Sheng with its superior quality and reasonable prices is not afraid of challenges in the market. Mr. Hsieh, Ho Sheng’s founder, said, “I hope that we can manufacture parts for more new types of furniture in the future and create the value of products with customers together.” 


Upgrade Facilities and Keep Showing Its Expertise

The factory of Ho Sheng has been installed with many sets of high-precision lathes and the company also continues to renovate and upgrade its facilities, which not only helps it achieve more accurate lead times, but also advances the quality of its stamped parts. Ho Sheng moved to the current location in 2013 and owns 30 sets of machines in operation. Hsieh added that he is considering expanding the current manufacturing site and introducing more new machines in order to make Ho Sheng connected to the world continuously. 


As a master in this field, Hsieh focuses on hardware and stamped parts, which show great market demand, and values every customer and every order very much. With such expertise, Ho Sheng is able to help customers develop important parts needed in their products. Such a spirit has been also passed down to the son of the founder. Ho Sheng hopes that “the spirit of a master’ can be passed down and it will continue to do whatever it can for the development of customers’ important parts. 



Contact: Mr. Hsieh 


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