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Yun Chan Industry Co., Ltd.-Evolved Manufacturing Process & Embracing New Ideas

2019-02-18  |  Class : 五金、零組件、螺絲半年刊雜誌

by Nai-Wen Chang, Fastener World


Yun Chan mainly supplies bits and impact drivers. Compliant to international standards, Yun Chan uses specialized equipment for inspection and German special alloy steel as the material for products to have better quality than average alloy steel. Over 40 years of experience in manufacturing made this company a professional service provider and a flexible maker of customized products. Yun Chan has many loyal users who bought and used its tools from when they were apprentices until after they opened their businesses. Its tools are so robust that customers rarely purchase again because they broke the tools, but mostly because they just lost the tools.



Professional and Dedicated Solution Provider

Catering to various demand, Yun Chan is able to leverage different sets of manufacturing procedures to produce top quality products cost effectively. “I often tell my clients about how choosing a tool is like choosing your car, ” said sales manager Ray Hsiao, “A good car takes you to your destination safely. A different car may work well with different client demand. Our role is to secure safety before we provide products tailored to our clients. If you’re to ask why you should choose Yun Chan, I would say it is much like choosing someone for a car race. Would you choose just any random guy over a racing driver? The answer is pretty obvious.”


Many clients have said they were surprised that Ray never holds back and shares what he knows about his specialty. Quite a number companies are professional but tend to conceal what they know and don’t have much of a spirit of collaboration. It is the traditional way of thinking that trapped them in the pool of competing for their own interests. In Ray’s perspective, the global coverage of information and the progression of our time mean that Yun Chan has to leverage its specialty to gain client trust. It doesn’t matter if the products are cheap, but it matters when the clients trust the integrity and quality of Yun Chan. That is the root for their decision to work with Yun Chan.


How You Treat Employees is How They Will Treat Your Products

Unlike other companies which can’t think of other ways but to keep adding inspection equipment, Yun Chan sees and secures the values of its products so that it can strictly monitor quality. Just ask yourself if you are willing to pay for the products you are dealing with. With every corporate member cherishing the value of each product, the company must ensure they can express themselves and be respected, instead of just making a cursory effort. Put this kind of mindset on the manufacturing, inspection and personnel training, and your employees wouldn’t do just a hasty job and they will meet the targets set by the company.


Take manufacturing process check for instance, Yun Chan’s employees set the check frequency higher than what is regulated out of their own will. In a sense this might seem to have increased production cost, but actually helps quite a lot to build up the quality for the future. For example, Yun Chan’s tooling normally would have been able to process 10 thousand parts, but the employees increase the rounds of check and lowered the replacement interval from 8000 to 5000 processed parts. The cost increased, but so are precision and stability. Yun Chan’s tolerance is only at 0.05mm versus others at 0.1mm.


To a More Competitive Future

Founded in 1976, Yun Chan used its self-invented equipment to manufacture. Now the company has full grown technique and it will gradually adopt automated production and quality management of inspection equipment, so that the employees will have more time to do what is more important for the company. The company is likely to apply for an environmental protection badge or a corporate social responsibility certificate to become a friendly business to the environment and employees. Ray encourages young people to be a part of the traditional industry because the industry needs new ideas and must pass on to the next generation. He said Industry 4.0 is just a matter of the boss’s will on expenditure but “Talent 4.0” is what the manufacturing industry needs right now.


Yun Chan contact: Sales manager Ray Hsiao


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