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Plus Craft Industrial Co., Ltd.- Used for Better Work Efficiency, 3-in1 Socket Wrenches and Ratchet Wrenches Become Bestsellers in Japan and Germany

2019-02-18  |  Class : 五金、零組件、螺絲半年刊雜誌

by Nai Wen Chang, Fastener World


Plus Craft Industrial Co., Ltd., dedicated to making improvement, is a developer always staying true to itself. It developed the turning ratchet wrench with widely appreciated appearance and practicality, which is popular in Germany. Such an achievement forces Plus Craft to develop new products continuously and the company also hopes to extend business reach to more markets around the world and arouse a trend within Taiwan hand tools industry to develop more practical and esthetic products.   


3-in-1 socket wrenches and turning ratchet wrenches are the recent bestsellers of Plus Craft in the market. The 3-in-1 socket wrenches are mainly applied to construction (i.e. the operator only has to use one (rather than 3) socket wrench to complete work above the ground, effectively reducing the workload of operators and greatly reducing the cost of tools. The socket wrenches are mainly exported to Japan and are expected to be exported to other regions in the future. Another bestseller are the turning ratchet wrenches, which, compared to other general wrenches, are more ergonomic in design, easy-to-use and anti-slip. The ratchet wrenches are mainly applied to machines and wheel repair and are mainly sold to Germany.


Speaking of the R&D of turning ratchet wrenches, General Manager Timmy Chen recalled, “The birth of this product can be traced back to a comment made by a German tool supplier at an int’l trade show on a certain turning wrenches manufacturer. The German supplier pointed out that bending the wrench by 90 degrees might result in internal stress and inferior appearance, which later pushed me to forge this product with anti-slip inverted triangle handle design.” This product was independently designed by Plus Craft and a breakthrough for the industry.


Plus Craft is going to release its new 4-in-1 sharp end wrench and is also designing products for U.S. customers. What the company is doing now (e.g. self-development or ODM) is all for achieving the best performance, bringing more profit to customers, and enhancing its soft power & experience. It is also active in applying for patents in many countries for all products developed by Plus Craft, in order to make Plus Craft more competitive. Moreover, Plus Craft will also introduce QS and relevant industrial certifications in order to expand its high quality product range.  


Speaking of customer service, Chen pointed out, “Any customer’s feedback is essential to us and we’ll make responses and offer the most suitable solutions according to their feedback.” Plus Craft is good at satisfying customers’ needs with its products, which is why it could continue to develop so many amazing hand tools. Chen even mentioned that Plus Craft had visited its overseas customers’ factories for times only for helping them solve problems, which clearly reveals its passion to offer customers the best service.   


Initially started as a trading business, Plus Craft did also experience some bumpy roads with lots of challenges ahead (e.g. orders switched by Indonesian customers to other suppliers and former sales director establishing a new company to compete with Plus Craft). “Facing these challenges, we had no choice but reducing prices at that time. However, if the competitors were manufacturers, we definitely could not compete with them. As a result, we turned to R&D, design and production as our focused service range, and with years of effort, we finally reaped some benefits. There is no such language to describe all the experiences we’ve been through before,” Chen added.


Chen noted, “Any path with difficulties can always make us stronger, and due to those difficulties, we are now not afraid of any challenges. Looking ahead, Plus Craft will continue to satisfy customers’ demand and focus more on the R&D of new products, in anticipation of making more progress in the hand tools field.”



Plus Craft contact: Mr. Timmy Chen


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