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World Leader in Miniature Screw Threads - J.I. MORRIS COMPANY Joins Forces with SWISSTURN/USA

2019-03-18  |  Class : FW

by Dean Tseng, Fastener World

J.I. Morris Company was founded in 1920 as a supplier to the optical industry. In the 1960’s, the company started manufacturing miniature screws for precision instruments. It was involved in writing the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) standards for miniature screw threads. J.I. Morris Company became a leader in the manufacturing of miniature screws with thread sizes from 0000-160 and 0.5 UNM.

Miniature Fastener Line Purchased by Swissturn
In 2017, the miniature fastener line of J.I. Morris Company was purchased by Swissturn/USA, a CNC Swiss screw machine job shop located in Oxford Mass. Established in 1987, Swissturn is a world-class precision Swiss screw machine products manufacturer, providing machining services to a wide variety of industries, including medical instruments, laboratory instruments, business machines, automotive components, etc. The scope of purchase included the fastener line of miniature number and UNM screws, self-tapping screws, hex nuts, flat washers, and turned parts from J.I. Morris.

Joining Forces Opens New Opportunities for Swissturn
So how and why did J.I. Morris and Swissturn decide to join forces? In a Fastener World interview with Ken Mandile, who has been working in the screw machine industry since he was 10 years old (50 years ago) and is now President of Swissturn/USA, Inc., said, “Swissturn’s primary business is manufacturing of high precision miniature components in mid to high volume, so the product line of J.I. Morris fits very well with the company’s competencies. In addition, customers of miniature fasteners often need custom precision machined components for their products, so the purchase of J.I. Morris has opened other opportunities for Swissturn.”
On the benefits from this purchase, Ken added, “Combined with the technologically advanced machining capabilities of Swissturn, we offer customers same day shipment, reliable quality, and superior customer service. 100% of our products are made in the USA at our facility in Massachusetts.”

10 Million Miniature Fasteners in Stock in Various Sizes
The J.I. Morris Miniature Fastener Division of Swissturn manufactures and distributes over 300 standard miniature screw, nut, washer, and threaded rod sizes and types. Sizes start at 0000-160 and go up to 2-56 and from 0.50 UNM to 1.2 UNM. The standard screws, washers, threaded rod, and nuts are available in brass and 303 stainless steel. Screw head types in flat fillister, oval filister, flat head, hex, and slotted round head. J.I. Morris does not stock Phillips head or socket head screws. It stocks brass and stainless steel threaded rod in one foot lengths. The best-selling products are self-tapping flat head stainless steel screws used by research laboratories.  Larger thread sizes are done by custom order by Swissturn.
“Manufacturers of precision instruments and medical devices are the largest market segment for our stainless steel miniature screws. Brass screws are commonly used by hobbyists. Our miniature self-tapping screws are used by neurobiology research laboratories, medical research centers, and university laboratories all over the world,” said Ken.

High Quality + Material Traceability + Plating Service
Swissturn has been ISO 9001 registered since 1997. In 2017, it was registered to the ISO 9001:2015 standard. It offers material traceability on most of its products. Its core business is high precision turned parts for the medical device, defense, laser, and industrial industries, so it is used to the demanding quality requirements of these customers. Additionally, J.I. Morris Miniature Fasteners will plate its standard products upon request. “We do not stock our fasteners plated, but we will take special orders. Common plating requests are for nickel, gold or silver plating, though we will consider almost any request. All of our stainless steel products are passivated.” In addition, Swissturn will manufacture many of J.I. Morris’ standard fasteners out of other materials on request, including steel, aluminum, plastic, and silver.

New J.I. Morris Website to Come up in June
Ken said he expects to be launching a new J.I. Morris web-site in June. “The website will be integrated with our enterprise resource planning (ERP) software to allow for a better customer experience when ordering online. The website will also include drawings on all of our products.” With nearly 50 years of contribution to the industry, Ken still sees new challenges in need of innovative solutions and looks forward to expanding the product line in 2019.

J.I. Morris Miniature Fastener & Swissturn/USA, Inc. contact: Michelle Duval
E-mail: jimorris@swissturn.com

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