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“VISION X” by ZXY Technology LTD with Intuitive User Interface Complex Sorting Machine Made Simple Just Like Using a Smart Phone

2019-07-23  |  Class : FW

ZXY Technology provides sorting machines originated from user-oriented designs, and specializes in the development and manufacture of customized optical sorting machines. “VISION X”, the company's latest invention of this year, incorporates intuitive design on the user interface. Joe Lin, president of ZXY Technology, said “The new operating sequence of VISION X enables the user to complete the desired inspection configurations with ease. We have made a complex sorting machine just as simple and convenient as using an iPhone!” The CEO continued that VISION X uses a large number of graphics and icons to replace the texts on the interface, making the operation more intuitive and faster for even a newbie to quickly remember the functions and services associated with the buttons.

     ZXY can customize the machines as per clients’ provided demand on sample inspection, and perform actual inspection on the required items. The new user interface has not only accurate computing algorithm, but also significantly improved operating smoothness. The setup, function adjustment and replacement of consumable supplies for VISION X are all based on ergonomic designs, and the design focus also incorporates cleaning and maintenance. The proper design of electric cable storage and a tidy work platform allow clients to perform simple maintenance with ease, extend machine life and reduce corporate cost expenditures.

     Currently, the SCI Steel Belt Series Optical Screw Sorting Machine is suited for inspecting screws, rivet nuts, and products which can be hanged on steel belts or special belts. The new steel belts can solve the problem of stuck materials on the traditional metal disk. Besides, the machine can work in conjunction with 360-degree customized bending inspection on damaged threads as well as with the latest computing software to finish inspection at a high speed of 500pcs/min. The internal part of the machine is specifically made of aerospace-grade aluminum alloy which significantly increases the life and visual appearance of the machine, while reducing expenses on material costs and bringing actual benefits to the company. Another series, the NGI Glass Dial Series Optical Inspection Sorting Machine can reach the highest inspection sorting speed of 1000 pcs/min. Utilizing light transmittance, the machine has cameras set on the bottom and a 360-degree inspection function to check multiple aspects of defect, NGI series is suitable for double-side inspection and oil-free products.

ZXY Technology's contact: Ms. Vicky Chang


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