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Alzin Coating Systems Taiwan

About Company

Alzin Coating Systems Taiwan is a surface treatment company with clients mainly from the fastener industry. It is able to offer service for corrosion resistant fasteners and parts including construction screws, self-drilling screws, self-tapping screws, slotted screws, screws with washers, special screws, high-tensile bolts and hardware.

1. Use of automatic mechanical plating system
2. Use of the original purest zinc alloy powder
3. A highly compacted layer of coating
4. No hydrogen embrittlement
5. Conform with AS 3566 CLASS 3 and CLASS 4
6. Conform with ASTM B695

1. No hydrogen embrittlement
2. 100% UV resistant
3. No hexavalent chromium
4. Improved tapping speed

Alzin has been made an internationally Patent Pending (No. WO2014/089624 A1) for its XIOD® plating technology which performs better than other traditional coatings when compared with ASTM 695 and AS 3566 (Australian, Class 3 & 4). Fasteners with ALZIN XIOD® technology tested in ISO 9223 Category 4 (highly corrosive) and Category 5 (very highly corrosive) environment demonstrate an equivalence of over 35 and 15 years of corrosion resistance respectively. It means that self-drilling screws with XIOD® coating exceed the corrosion resistance level of galvanized steel sheets. Then, find that self-drilling screws with XIOD® coating have a faster and more consistent drilling speed that other mechanical zinc coatings do not offer.


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