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Sobre la Empresa

Joker fastener, a screw anchor fastener and fixing manufacturer has been specialized in building anchor into 38 years and more than 90% export to Europe. In 2014, we were the first Asia concrete screw manufacturer been approved by the ETA Option 1 certificate and we will get the seismic C1/C2, A4 stainless concrete screws and more different head and drill diameter sizes for many application in Oct. 2021. Any fixing product or ideas are always welcome to discuss with us, Joker are good at new product develop, especially the technical in stamping, welding, cold-forming, threading and also the zinc die casting, find a manufacturer to develop your idea new products, Joker fastener will be your best partner.
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Hollow Wall Anchors
Concrete Screws
Jack Nuts
Construction Fasteners
Metal Insulation Plugs
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Concrete screw anchors (ETA Option1/Part6), Drywall Anchors, Hollow wall molly anchor, Ceiling anchor, express nail, metal insulation fixing, Hammer drive anchor, sleeve anchor, wedge bolt, Rivet jack nut

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