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ZXY Technology Ltd.

About Company
ZXY Technology Ltd.
No.6, Ln.193, Gangshan N. Rd.,Gangshan Dist.,Kaohsiung 820,Taiwan
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ZXY-TECH (sorting machine manufacturer) developed and manufactured optical inspection sorting machine (Machine Vision Inspection) to substitute manpower, it is simple to use, accurate and fast for operation. Saving money and saving time, its worthy investing for optical inspection sorting machinery and equipment. We can evaluate and provide the inspection report according to customer’s requirements, together with most competitive price as well as total solution for optical inspection sorting machine and best after sales service. If you are interested,welcome to contact our project sales.

★Sales contact: Ms.Vicky Chang

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2020-07-01 AGENTS WANTED

ZXY focuses on the research and development and manufacture of automatic optical inspection and sorting machinery, with a dedicated technical team to provide the best after-sales technical services and to be the best supporter of the agents.

Countries around the world are interested in becoming agents of ZXY, welcome to contact us.

ZXY 擇興源 專注於研發製造自動化光學檢測篩選機(選別機)設備, 擁有專業的技術團隊,

世界各國有興趣成為 ZXY 擇興源 的代理商,歡迎與我們聯絡。 
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High speed button sorting machine

Wire seal surface defect inspection sorting machine

Battery Rubber cap optical inspection sorting machine

ZXY SCI-1500 Steel Belt Screw High Speed Sorting Machine

Roller 360° surface defect inspection sorting machine

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Eddy Current Sorting Machine

Optical Measurement Instrument

Optical Sorting Machine

Spec Inspection

ZXY-TECH customized optical inspection sorting machine can be widely used in the industry:

# Fastener Industry : Screws,Nuts, Clips, Stampings
# Metal Processing Industry : CNC, Powder Metallurgy, Extruding, Forging
# Surface Treatment Industry : Electroplating, Heat Treatment
# Electronics Industry : Electronic Components
# Plastic & Rubber Industry : Plastic, Rubber Products

★Sales contact: Ms.Vicky Chang

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SCI Steel Belt Series-Screw Sorting Machine
Industrial Applications for Optical Inspection
SCI Steel Belt Series-Screw Sorting Machine
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