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About Company

We assist you in identifying the most suitable maker in line with your demand, achieving a cost-down target, decreasing the complexity of procurement, and furthermore, achieving higher quality consistency and reliable delivery schedules.

Our product is focused on Special C-Parts, Cold/ Hot Forming parts, Special Stamping Parts, Special Sintering Parts, High Precision CNC turning
Parts with a strong supplier base in APAC, like Taiwan, Vietnam, Malaysia and Thailand, aiming to supply the customer with the right quality level as expectation

~Ark Fastech Quality on Par with Multinational Purchasing Firms~

Taking in Experiences from Overseas Countries to Become a Benchmark Special Parts Trader
Ark Fastech has just moved in a new employee-friendly office built with Northern European decor. Besides adding new personnel, there is an additional laboratory and the company is looking to train QC talents to further quality management. Managing Director Jerry Huang personally designed this office to have a white-and-gray tone and give his employees a cozy and relaxing workplace. The whole office space was organized for the purpose of staff's health to let them develop their own qualities from a mental and physical state of joy. Forming a team based on that is our primary target.”

Background in International Quality Assurance
Mainly exporting automotive and special parts, Ark Fastech helps many automotive, industrial and engineering companies in need of advanced technology to find the best solutions. Jerry had worked at a long-established fastener manufacturing company in Taiwan and a multinational fastener purchasing firm in Northern Europe. He has a background and edge in fastener QC, supply chain audit and fastener technology, enabling Ark Fastech to offer solutions more precise than others’ to cope with demand for high-level customization and irregular products.

Best Solutions Made for Clients
Ark Fastech has a good knowledge of the core technology and rationale of manufacturing. It digs deep to study the characteristics each material. Jerry, who started his company all by himself, said he could vividly recall himself paying visits to each customer when he had just started his company. Once he helped a company refine a forged copper fastener. The strength of copper was not strong enough and was bothering the user. The user thought of using carbon steel as an alternative, but it didn’t have enough fluidity to form special parts having complicated shapes. Jerry stayed up all night thinking over this and finally came up with an idea to use powder metallurgy and created the right formula for clients to meet their demand.
As a former APAC regional Quality Manager of a Northern European fastener purchasing company, Jerry has experience in collaborating and corresponding with suppliers from multiple countries. This enables Ark Fastech to better understand the needs and cultures of overseas clients and better communicate with them, and clients will feel reassured entrusting the case to Ark Fastech. “We hope to build a bridge between buyers and suppliers, keep the information transparent between both parties, and minimize communicating costs.”

“What’s More Precious Than Gold is Confidence”
On the everchanging future fastener demand, Jerry pointed out there is going to be a new round of change of materials in future automotive lightweighting. Providing accurate solutions needed by clients will be the biggest competitive edge for traders. Additionally, cross-cultural capabilities will be indispensable, and building further and closely connected customer relationship will be a critical soft power.
Jerry thinks the manufacturing quality of Taiwanese automotive fastener makers is very stable with manufacturing technology among the best and that the whole industry is very consolidated. He recalled: “I’m grateful for many predecessors who helped me along the way and the Taiwanese suppliers who have been working closely with me. This relationship is crucial. The Taiwanese are a consolidated people and those who I know are selfless to give me a lot of recommendations and advice. The predecessors of this industry look after the successors very much, and the peers are also glad to help each other out.”
Unlike other companies focusing their targets on business operation, Ark Fastech's target in 2020 is to build a strong team, sustain relationship with the supply chain, and continue to build a bridge between buyers and suppliers.


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