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Severstal-metiz Steel Refining Plant Starts to Produce New Toolings
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Severstal-metiz announced a new bolt produced by hot-dip zinc plating technology at the size of M16-M30, which is also compliant with the Russian standard of GOST7798-70 and a new nut at the size of M16-M30 compliant with GOST5915-70. The main advantage of the new products is the extension of durability. The applied surface treatment can especially offer higher anti-corrosion capability to the toolings. Severstal-metiz emphasized its leading position in the industry because other Russian metal tooling manufacturers still couldn’t handle the technology very well. It is estimated that the new products can be applied to the construction of power transmission lines, metallic structure engineering, road maintenance, and other construction structures that require higher strength and anti-corrosion. The R & D staff is devoting themselves to the production of smaller precision tools with the new technology.
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