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Big Applause! Stampo’s New Model is Supported by SBIR
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Products exported from Stampo Enterprises Co., Ltd., whose name means forging in Italian, are marketed-worldwide. The corporation releases a new model of a machine called Special Parts Former SBP-10B5S, which was supported by the Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) of Ministry of Economic Affairs, R.O.C. This new model which is available to auto parts and fasteners in the majority integrates every advantage that all machines produced by Stampo possess. In addition to possessing human-machine interface (HMI) of double control boxes, it also takes great emphasis on its high precision and high sophistication. Zhang Jian-Long, president of Jiashan Fastener Industry Association of China, led more than 20 members to visit Stampo the other day. All of them joined together in praise of the new model.

Special Parts Former SBP-10B5S possesses manifold features such as the conjugate structure of rocker arm, servo feeding system, built-in fuel tank (full enclosed splash guard), built-in air reservoir and electric backgauge, Bill Shih, CEO of Stampo stated. T highly-sophisticated slide bearing is also included and claimed “no gap” which can limit its operating accuracy within 0.02~0.04mm to dramatically increase the service life of punch pins and molds. Moreover, users can use the electronic handwheel device to conduct slight adjustments and help molds move slowly in case collision happens. Shih further noted that Special Parts Former SBP-10B5S is an upgrade for better forging power, larger cut-off diameter or size and larger space between male die and female die. Overall features can satisfy clients’ demand for more complicated parts.

Special Parts Former SBP-10B5S will sell mainly to the US and European markets in the future. Shih revealed that this new model has demonstrated in Wire & Tube Düsseldorf in March. Moreover, the new model was so well-extolled that it was bought on the spot by the buyers of fastener factories in Germany. Numerous factory owners have shown their interests as well. The popularity continues.

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article and photos by Tony Liu, Fastener World Inc.
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