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Chong Cheng Fastener Corp.---Wins Customers' Trust with High Quality, High Tech & Punctual Delivery
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If one aims to win business opportunities in a competitive market, the best way is to avoid competition. How? By developing products that others can’t,” said Sandy Yu, President of Chong Cheng Fastener Corp. Therefore, customized special products are the main focus of the company. Yu strictly stipulates that punctual delivery, reliability, and stable customer base are the specific strengths of the competitive company. A product with future potential or not is the key concern of Chong Cheng. The company will first ask customers about the persistent life cycle of products and about potential of products in the future market. Afterwards, it will conduct the R&D work of the customized products, and make investments in equipment and manpower. To meet customer requests at any time, Chong Cheng will estimate the demand quantity according to orders, plan the manufacturing flow in advance, and store final products in the automated warehousing system to ensure best quality and punctual lead time. Always taking customers’ cost reduction and competitiveness growth into consideration, the company has also strengthened its constant development. For instance, the automotive fastener sector only accounted for 10% of the company’s total sales in 2011 but it jumped up to 30% in 2012. The sectors of construction fasteners and standard fasteners have remained flat.   
Chong Cheng is a professional nut manufacturer, focusing on developing special high-valued nuts. Its monthly output achieves 1,000 tons and of all the materials, carbon steel accounts for 60% and stainless steel 40%. Europe, Americas, and Japan are its three major markets, each accounting for 1/3 of the total revenues. Main products in different markets are not the same. For example, DIN fasteners, automotive fasteners and special customized products are for the European market. The American market mostly demands for automotive fasteners and customized products. In general, the Japanese market demands for JIS fasteners and construction fasteners. In the future, the company’s development goal targets on the special stainless steel fasteners and titanium alloy fasteners.

Upgrade of Automated Warehousing System
The expansion of Chong Cheng’s warehouse space will be completed in 2012-2013, from the original about 18182 sqm to 23140 sqm. 5,700 new storage places will be added to the new warehouse space which in total can store 5,000-6,000 tons of goods. With the computer automated management system, the staff can access the requested products easily by the barcode scanner, thus providing the customers with the high-efficient and prompt service. Under the e-management, the warehouse space is organized in order and moreover, it assures the quality of the products. In addition, the company utilizes the vertical design, extending the height of the space rather than the width. The reduction of the land area used means the decrease of purchase cost. On the basis of mutual benefit, Chong Cheng provides the best quality and optimum efficiency to ensure strong customer satisfaction.     

Strict Inspection Wins International Certifications
“The purpose of our commitment to the inspection equipment setup is to fulfill customers’ quality requirements. Through the inspection process, the unqualified specifications or mechanical properties will be picked out, thereby allowing the final products to meet customers’ standard,” said Yu. The company plans to add to 20 optical inspection machines in 2013. Insisting on high quality and being serious about customer requests, Chong Cheng has put considerable emphasis on quality assurance. It has acquired ISO 9001 and ISO/TS 16949 certifications as well as passing the audit of the automaker and obtaining the long-term cooperative opportunity. Underlining the importance of QCD management, Chong Cheng always conducts the optical inspection and sorting to examine the products requested of PPM or products for automakers to ensure if their quality satisfies the standard before delivery. Also, for every new product, whether it is with PPAP request or not, the sales department will gather the staff from R&D, manufacturing, production management, and quality control departments to an APQP meeting, reviewing and evaluating all the risks of the production process, inspection, testing and the key points of customer requests. This responsible attitude towards customers results in customers’ great trust in the company and their stable long-term cooperative partnership.

Reverse Thinking Draws up Blueprint
“What a company should take into account is the middle to long term development. When it’s a sluggish market, the company should improve its machinery capability to respond to the productivity demanded in a booming market.” Yu considers that only through a precise forecast of the future trends and the continued commitment to enhance the technique, machinery and workforce capacity that the company can effectively draw up a blueprint. In the future, Chong Cheng plans to cooperate with leading companies to develop “forming technology of special corrosion resistant nuts,” and continues to develop high-valued fasteners. With a complete upgrade of R&D capability, the company aims to advance towards the high-valued supply chain.
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