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MWFA Publishes Revised Fastener Information Directory
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"What started out as a brief booklet grew as the committee reviewed important information necessary for fastener industry personnel," according to the introduction to the 2012 Mid-West Fastener Association's Fastener Information Directory. The 15-member committee project yielded a 140-page spiral-bound book designed to be "a quick reference to the basics of the fastener industry."
The book starts with a four-page fastener dateline. The first history item is Archimedes inventing the water screw in about 250 BC to help pump water from the river for use in the city and for irrigation.
The dateline ends with a note of the future: "The Science of Telezygology – the controlling of fasteners from a handheld computer. Currently being developed by Textron Fastening Systems in Troy, MI for possible use in the airline and automotive industries."
Coordinator for the book, Richard Pease of RK Precision Products, told FIN the meat of the book begins with descriptions of fastener components. Next is a chapter on standardized specials followed by thread design and terminology; sockets; metrics; primary & secondary operations; materials; heat treatment; strength characteristics; gauging instruments; washers; and quality.
Sample Chapters Include:
• Metrics are dated back to 1795. Metric thread designations are given and it is noted there are similarities to American threads.
• There are charts for chemical composition, stainless steel, steel hex nut strength and tightening torques.
• The chapter on heat treating begins with theory and goes on to chart differences to processes and applications.
• Quality "is not the responsibility of any one person or department. The responsibility for quality begins when marketing determines the customer quality requirement and continues until the product is received by a satisfied customer" is the message of the chapter on quality.
"Education is the root of an effective" quality assurance program and requires an "organized structure, which must specify responsibilities and the necessary authority to achieve those goals."
The 25-page glossary totals 269 terms. There is a CD-version of the 140-page spiral-bound traditional paper edition. It is easily mailed in a CD-size cardboard envelope and includes everything from the print edition. Younger fastener employees especially may prefer the CD.
(USD39 for print / USD29 for CD edition / USD35 for flash drive)
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reference from FIN, arranged by Fastener World Inc.
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