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Chun Zu Machinery Industry Co., LTD Was Registered on Emerging Stock Board on Dec. 24th
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Taiwan major screw plant Chun Zu Machinery Industry Co. was successfully registered into the electric machines stock category on the emerging stock board on December 24th. It is now the first fastener forming machine plant to be registered. The company's paid-in capital is 603 million NTD. It specializes in R&D and production of screws, nuts, and mold forming machines. It exports to over 40 countries (including Japan, Germany, America, Russia, etc.) with complete distribution routes and marketing agencies as well as branches in major fastener manufacturing areas, making it a powerful company of strong marketing ability and complete after-market service; therefore, its revenue and profits are still stable within this year. It is still evaluating its revenue for 2013 due to the ambiguity of next year's economic situation.

Established in 1974, Chun Zu is Chun Yu Group's (which holds 50.95& of Chun Zu's shares) major reinvestment business and has its own plants in Kanshang, Kaosiung and Shanghai. In terms of revenue proportion, its fastener forming machine takes 83.14%, molds 8.95%, and maintainence 7.91%.

The first half of  2012 of Chun Zu's revenue resches 472 million NTD, 1.9% higher than last year. Even after tax, which is 930 million NTD, the revenue is higher than last year's 910 million NTD. However, due to increase of capital stock, EPS in the first half of 2012 is 1.54 NTD, a drop from last year's 1.92 NTD. Chun Zu is competent for its R&D ability with 40 years of experience,  and it specializes in R&D and production of fastener forming machine, applying its products in vehicles, railroad, aerospace, building, bridge construction, and electronics industries that require highly sophisticated fasteners. Additionally, it offers customizable designs and one- stop shopping.

In order to enhance market competency and differentiate itself from domestic and China's low-price strategy, Chen Zu is heading towards more sophisticated products and higher additional value. In the short run, it plans to strengthen after-arket service and establish complete company system to expand tentacles to emerging countries. In the long run, it will keep searching for new European and American clients to earn high profits and cooperate with foreign distributors  for wider market expansion.

Now that Chun Zu is a registered emerging stock, it hopes to get long-term capital for its business operation and further expand its business scale.

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