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"Severstal-metiz" Products Certificated by “DBRTC”
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The audit towards Severstal-metiz's Cherepovets plant on production process of railway fasteners came to an end with positive results. Within several days, experts SC "DBRTC" (state company "the Dniepropetrovsk's body of railway transport certification") analyzed the normative and the technical specifications, a condition of raw materials control, materials and accessories, conformity of the process equipment to necessary requirements, conditions of production, storages, and products shipments.
Audited items include screw nuts for terminal and blind bolts, terminal and blind bolts themselves, fish-screws and double-coil washers. In the factory laboratory under auditors' observation, QC personnel have done measurements and tests on products selected by experts. Results showed that the products have compatible sophistication. Deviation of finished is within regulated limit.
"For more than four years of cooperation with our company, auditors have made a lot of proposals on our production line, and all manufacturing process is approved by auditors. Nevertheless, it does not mean that we have nothing to work with: we are constantly pursuing ahead, improving production engineering and processes as well as qualitative characteristics of products, and expanding services for clients", commented general director Oleg Veter.

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