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New BBI Ready Mill Program
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Brighton-Best International has launched an online Ready Mill Program allowing its customers to purchase directly from stock at our quality assured manufacturers, saving time and money. Introduced in the USA just over 12 months ago, and upgraded in July 2012, the BBI Ready Mill Program is now being offered by its European market operation based in the West Midlands, UK. ‘The Ready Mill Program’ is based on the constant flow of inventory being produced and held ready for shipment by BBI’s best suppliers. 1000MT being made available for their European operation out of the 10,000MT held for their U.S. branches.
Brighton Best highlights that the Ready Mill Program works because distributors are able to achieve cost savings, greater inventory control, elimination of production lead-time, and increased cash flow. Mike Churchill, branch manager at Brighton Best explains, “The UK Ready Mill Program was launched in November last year with a variety of hex head bolts in diameters M4-M36 and in lengths from 35mm-200mm.  We will soon launch Inch bolting and nuts. Customers are able to order full containers directly from our Warehouse in the Far East, cutting lead times and saving money by benefitting from our advantageous cost prices.” “By logging onto the Brighton-Best website, customers are able to see product on the floor in Taiwan and then build containers right off the website and organize shipment. Orders are processed automatically, meaning there’s no manufacturing time, just, pull the pallets required and ship them.”
For full containers UK customers will have no additional costs or legwork, and prices will be CIF to customers door and customs will be taken care of.  For European customers, prices will be based on CIF terms to local port. As an added option, BBI will allow UK customers a minimum order of 10 pallets to be shipped to BBI’s warehouse in the West Midlands. The customer will only be responsible for onward freight.
Mike points out “We are changing the supply channel through the Ready Mill Program, meaning customers no longer have to order big commodity items at the lowest cost and then sit on stock for six or eight months at a time. From receipt of order, delivery should take place in 4 – 6 weeks.”
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