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Hague Fasteners Name Returns
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The Ralin Group has been renamed Hague Fasteners Limited, returning to an identity ‘lost’ during a group consolidation ten years ago. Founded in the 1970s, Hague Fasteners specialized in the manufacture and supply of high integrity special fasteners. Ten years ago the company merged alongside sister company, Richards & Allan (Nuts and Bolts) under their parent company, The Ralin Group, which identified that the future of British manufacturing excellence lay with servicing high integrity and Superalloy bolting solutions. The group fine-tuned its expertise and focused on manufacturing small batches of unique customer designed bolts and nuts.
In November 2012, managing director Jon Hague decided the time was right for the iconic Hague name to make a return. “Many of our long established clients around the world were so aware of our roots and continually referred to old experiences of Hague Fasteners solving their bolting headaches. It’s made me realize that a rebrand was long overdue. Whilst I am so proud of where we've come in the last 10 years, I am even more proud of where we've come from.”
Mike Field, Hague Fasteners’ general manager said, “The response has been overwhelming, our customers old and new have been full of praise and compliments at the return of the Hague Fasteners name. We are now manufacturing and exporting to all corners of the globe, from metal fabricators to government research facilities, pushing British manufacturing to countries we were told, 20 years ago, would destroy engineering in the UK.”
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