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Industry Activities 

A Heart Given is a Heart Gained-LINKWELL INDUSTRY CO., LTD.
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LINKWELL INDUSTRY CO., LTD. is a main Taiwanese supplier of fasteners like screws, washers, and hardware with complete and comprehensive product inventory encompassing manufacturing automobile, motor, 3C, and building industry. It started as a trader. Due to different market demand in different periods, apart from the headquarters in Taipei, it also invested in the following plants:


‧    KANGWELL INDUSTRY CO., LTD Kaohsiung, Taiwan (TAF Certified Laboratory)

‧    JING FONG ENTERPRISES CO., LTD Tainan, Taiwan (Locking Nut Factory)

‧    SUNNY HILL INDUSTRY CO., LTD. Kaohsiung, Taiwan (Small Screw Factory: Drywell Screws, Chipboard Screws, SEMS Screws, Tapping Screws, Drilling Screws, Machine Screws)

‧    FASTWELL INDUSTRY CO., LTD. Shanghai, China (General Trading for Fasteners)

‧    WAKOWELL INDUSTRY CO., LTD Zhe-Jiang, Pin-Hu, China (Hot Dip Galvanize Factory)

‧    JIA XING FASTWELL INDUSTRY CO., LTD Jia Xing, China (Carriage Bolts, Hex Bolts, U-Bolts, Machines Screws)

‧    KUNSHAN MINAMAX PRECISION IND. CO., LTD. Kunshan, China (Ejector, Pins, Stripper Guide Pins, Bushings & CNC Components/ Molds)

‧    THAILOCK FASTENER CO., LTD Chonburi, Thailand (Locking Nut Factory)

‧    WELL UNION METAL SDN, BHD. Johor, Malaysia(Stainless Steel Screw Factory)

‧    PT. BATAM WELL INDUSTRY. Batam, Indonesia (Stainless Steel Screw Factory)




Pragmatic Mindset & Steady Advances 

President Mr. Kosky Yen states that he started to set up plant in Thailand because production cost in Taiwan is high and labors are hard to find. At that time he was interested in the Southeast Asian Market, so he established a plant and independent contact bases in Thailand which imported machines, materials and molds from Taiwan. Additionally, he set up a plant in Malaysia in 2005 and another one in Indonesia in 2011 as a response to EU’s anti-dumping duty. The EU has made a final determination on stainless steels fasteners from Taiwan and China. Taiwan has entered the third five-year anti-dumping measure and is imposed with high duty rate as high as 23% to 27%. Such crisis made the president turn to Southeast Asia and set up plants there to avoid the duty.


Right now the company has 15 branches domestic and abroad with clients from all over the world. “Our current plan is to extend our existing bases in Taiwan and foreign nations, and make them more systematic.” says the president, who bases himself upon “conservativeness” and “pragmatism” without undertaking high-risk investments draws the perfect outline for the company’s development.



Full-Range Supply

Every Single Demand is Taken Care of
Currently 75% to 80% of the company’s products are distributed in European and American markets; the others are mainly sold to Latin America, the Middle East, and Australasia. Specifically, the Middle East mainly demands for construction screws, while Australasia demands for small screws. Mr. Kosky Yen points out that construction screws and small screws are the company’s specialty and their export takes above 50% of the company’s total revenue.


He adds, ” LINKWELL INDUSTRY started as a trader, but later on it came to me that our business lack a fundamental ‘root’; therefore, I started to set up new branches.” Consequently, the company expanded its inventory, and products like screws, bolts, washers, threaded rods, and tube clamps can be tailored from stainless steel , iron, copper, aluminum, and alloy steel. The company turned into a full-range screw and bolt supplier.


Heading for the next Three Decades
Profession Based on Steadiness

Mr. Kosky Yen indicates that since the start of the company in 1977 it has been maintaining good relationship with the clients based on the belief of stability and harmony. “No matter if it is self-production or cooperation with another company on a certain product, we always make improvements to solve difficulties to create mutual profits with clients and retain product quality.” he added. Thus, the company is supported by 20-year and 30-year clients as well as suppliers.

Price, quality, and service are the golden triangle to build a client chain. Speaking of the future, Mr. Kosky Yen expresses, “When doing business, a heart given is a heart gained. We have to walk a mile in clients’ shoes and make mutual benefits for both sides.” LINKWELL INDUSTRY will continue to satisfy client demands and create mutual values to head for the next three decades.

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