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Industry Activities 

Finding the Difference of Products, Shun Den Iron Works Supplies Undeniable Quality
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Incorporated in 1980, Shun Den Works Co., Ltd. specializes in the manufacture of wires, forged products, and cast products. Certified by ISO 9001:2000, it provides design and production of specialty screws and nuts to clients. Products are sold worldwide.


Anti-Wear Property Stuns Foreign Clients 

Talking about products from Taiwan, President David Chang said that most people usually think that metallic products from Taiwan are cheaper than those from Japan, Europe, and the U.S., but the quality is not as good as them. Shun Den currently is active in developing high quality hex wrenches and power bits. He took the actual using experience of clients from Korea, Singapore, and Russia as example and said “In the International Fastener Show, Taiwan 2013, one Korean client tried the destructive way of screwing the bit installed on a fast spinning power screwdriver, and the tested bit did not break or display obvious abrasion.” Such a brilliant performance gained the praise of several clients.


Chang said that the bits produced by Shun Den have been proved with no rupture or breakage under the DIN7504 drilling screw penetrating-through and torque tests conducted by fastener factories. The “amazing” and “excellent” series displayed subtle deformation only after 50 and 250 pieces of tests, respectively. The lifecycle is 10 to 50 times longer than those of other bits. Simultaneously, the requirement on the hardness of products should be min. HRC58, reducing the possibility of embrittlement and slowing the wear process. Through all of the above, Shun Den can thus save substantial time and costs for actual works 


On the other hand, the hardness of Shun Den’s hex wrench is not as high as that of S2 hex wrench in the market, but the strength is strong enough to produce high elasticity and malleability. It will not embrittle after it is turned to 90 degrees or used for times, which may result in a dangerous situation. Because the strength is strong enough, the wear on the diagonal angle appears less. With the practical in-house tests, Shun Den’s hex wrench can be 2 times durable than one of the famous brands in Japan.  


Surviving Red Sea Competition with Heat Treatment 

For the sustainable operation of a company, the quality and technology are important and must be always kept in hand. If one of these chips is not in presence, the company will be thrown into the red sea of price-cutting. As a result, being “different” from others is very important. Shun Den has been well experienced in heat treatment when the founder began to manufacture dies in his own factory  30 years ago. Such an experience is now transferred to the development of tools. With the continuous accumulation of technology, Shun Den’s tools can display its difference in the market.

Looking forward to the emerging markets with lots of infrastructure projects, Chang said the wear of bits is related to the time of project completion. Shun Den’s products display high anti-wear ability, so a lot of time will not be wasted. In the end, he said “The value of Shun Den’s products lies in the quality. We insist on conducting the strictest quality test to ensure our clients get the best products.” 

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