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Industry Activities 

TSUNAMI LTD. --New Plant Established to Fulfill Quality Commitment
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To make the best of capacity utilization, TSUNAMI went through a long period of preparation. It invested NTD 20 million and set up a new plant that launched on May 27, 2013. The new plant will be the main production base for the company in the future with estimated monthly revenue of NTD 4 million. TSUNAMI poised for strong ambitions and to make the fullest endeavors.


Pursuing more than Clients Demand
Moving to New Plant for Increased Capacity  

Founded in 1993, TSUNAMI focuses on design and production of expendable molds for cold, warm, and hot forged forming machines including customized molds, stamping equipment, measuring tools, three-dimension measuring molds, cutters, punch machines, mold punching machines, etc. All procedures from drawings design, material selection to inspection have to be prosecuted under TSUNAMI highest requirement standard. General Manager Mr. Li- Ming Chang states, “The former plant was built on a rented land and it did not have adequate space. We decided to move to the current new plant. The new plant can not only elevate capacity efficiently but also provide comprehensive service to our customers!”


With 25 years of experience in mold production, Mr. Chang has strong skills in design, production, and sales business, keeping TSUNAMI at the top of the mold industry with multi-national clients from Europe, Japan, Malaysia, India, etc. He analyzes that countries like Europe and Japan which have a long history of fastener production usually focus their demand on special parts. Southeast Asia and other regions on the threshold usually demand more for standard products.



Strength in R&D

The Correct Choice of Utilizing Tungsten Carbide 

Mr. Chang indicates that TSUNAMI is characteristic of its correct selection of Tungsten Carbide, retention of mold vents, and its experience in compression molding and mold fitting proportion. He further says, “Forging is the process of an arising force, but force often conflicts with friction. The company’s mission is to choose either force or friction to perfectly match clients’ requests and produce the mold.” TSUNAMI selects the most appropriate mold materials as per client’s demand.

He adds that the company’s revenue in 2012 was around NTD 50 million. His goal is to grow 5% annually. He will upgrade inspection machines and purchase profilometers to measure product specifications more precisely. Looking forward, TSUNAMI will further advance its quality and outline its future to fulfill the commitment to clients.

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