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Lih Lin’s Fasteners Go Worldwide Multiple Overseas Plants & Local Cooperative Agencies
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Multiple Overseas Plants & Local Cooperative Agencies

Lih Lin’s Fasteners Go Worldwide

by Tanya Shih, Fastener World Inc.


Lih Lin Enterprises & Industrial Co., Ltd and Diing Sen Fasteners Industrial Co., Ltd acted as a trader and a maker when they were established respectively in Taipei City and Xinzhuang in 1983. They specialize in chipboard screws, construction screws, drywall screws, wood screws, self-drilling screws, machine screws, special screws, etc. Led by general manager Holland Wang, they have reached the scale of 5,000 tons of monthly capacity with 5 domestic and overseas plants.


Overseas Strategic Plant Deployment for Larger Order Intake

Precisely Positioned Plants to Manage Global Sales Routes


Besides the headquarters in Taipei, Xinzhuang plant (in Northern Taiwan), and Kaohsiung plant (in Southern Taiwan), Lih Lin also has overseas plants in Vietnam, China, and Cambodia. Wang says, “Each plant has its historical origin, its market position and functionality. I am in charge of the plants in Taiwan, and the overseas plants are managed by specialized managers. Each plant has its distinct target market and main products. Periodic deployment keeps Lih Lin on steady growth.”


To effectively distribute fine products throughout the world, each plant is in charge of its local market; on top of that, Taipei and Kaohsiung plants supply U.S. market. The European market is supplied by the 100 thousand m2 of plant in Vietnam, which shows outstanding production and sales performance with 3,000 tons of small carbon steel screws and 500 tons of stainless steel screws produced monthly, and is the only 100% self-producing plant from wire drawing to packaging of its own.


The plant in China supplies local Chinese market and part of the Japanese market. The “part of” herein means a monthly supply value of USD1 million on order. The plant in Cambodia, established in 2006 and subordinated to the plant in Vietnam, is positioned as a backup plant, and only 20,000 out of 60,000 square meters of the land area is currently used, signifying Lih Lin’s enormous and potential capacity for order intake!


Standard Compliance/Talent Retention/Quality Surveillance

Supply Includes Screws, Bolts, and Special Parts; Nuts Supply Will be Next


Lih Lin is certified by ISO 14000, 9001, and CE. All surface treating liquids required by the company have to acquire international authorizations and comply with environmental and quality regulations. Wang says, “Talent retention is a critical factor to maintain quality. From order receiving to packaging and shipment, all staff should have a good concept of quality. This is to aggregate technique and experience, and build reputation for fine quality.”


According to clients’ demand, the company selects wires with the diameter in 0.8mm-12mm and offers fasteners in the length of 3mm-600mm. Wang says, “We make both screws and bolts. Now we have someone contacting us for nut production. In good times, there are people complaining about order shortage, but in bad times there are also people coming out with fully loaded capacity.” He briefly depicts and concludes the industry business. With a step-by-step business plan, a good product could always find its place in the vast market.

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