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Hsien Sun Industry Hits the World with Nuts - Customized Orders & Diversified R&D in Nuts
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Customized Orders & Diversified R&D in Nuts

Hsien Sun Industry Hits the World with Nuts


by Tanya Shih, Fastener World Inc.


Established in Yongkang (Tainan) in 1973, Hsien Sun Industry Co., Ltd expanded its plant scale to 3,967 m2 in 2008 with surroundings well ventilated and plenty of light. Additional and upgraded hardware and software are installed in the plant. Working environment is aligned in order to increase production efficiency. Hsien Sun originally started as a bike nuts maker. Nowadays, it has transformed itself into a maker of various nuts like anchor nuts. In addition to its main product-anchor nut, it also covers a wide spectrum of nut products for the construction, automobile, and manufacturing industries. It provides customization of special nuts as per client’s demand.


Anchor Nuts Hit the Market with Technical Advantage

Certified by ISO 9001, Hsien Sun offers fasteners with the diameter of 4mm-50mm, in materials like carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum, or copper, according to clients’ requests. With over 40 years of technical experience, general manager Julia Tsai, the 2nd generation, says, “There are few notable special nuts makers in the industry, and Hsien Sun is one of them! Making nuts and anchors is no big deal, but it gets very hard when using a nut former to create anchor nuts and special nuts for construction use. This is the so-called technical entry barrier of the industry.” This involves not just forming machines but also the process of tapping and machining. Some nut products even have to overcome barriers and attain very low thickness and conceal slotted holes to become qualified. Hsien Sun is the first maker to cross over such entry barriers.


It has been 15 years since the company transformed from a standard products maker to special parts maker. Currently, up to 70% of its products are for export, while the rest of products are supplied for domestic demand. Its main product-anchor bolts, is a bestseller and accounts for 60% of its export, and the remaining 40% are for customized orders to which the company demonstrates its technical advantage.


Highlighting Quality; SOP in Production, Inspection, and Packaging

Speaking of the high-price optical sorting machine purchased recently, Tsai says, “This is a necessary investment for enhancing quality inspection.” Hsien Sun has 10 nut forming machines, 30 tapping machines, projectors, concentricity gages, depth gages, and so on to ensure product quality. The company fortifies standard operating procedures from nut forming to packaging. In addition to irregular hardware upgrade and technical inheritance (like the use of software), the company used to arrange training programs in accordance with the actual demand of each department and will never overlook the importance of staff training. Therefore, it can ensure all procedures (like production, inspection, and packaging) be operated under the compliance with standards.


Offering Extra Service in Manufacturing and Applying for Patents for Clients

Most products of the company are special (customized) parts, so these products also represent clients’ critical techniques. Besides confidential agreements, the company sees the significance of service as the added value of products and is now able to assist clients in patent application for CE approval. The time for offering extra service in manufacturing has come, and Hsien Sun has also taken the initiative.

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