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Japanese Experts’ Designated “Professional Self-locking Nut Maker” Hsin Hung Launches 3,200+ m2 Plant
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Japanese Experts’ Designated “Professional Self-locking Nut Maker”

Hsin Hung Launches 3,200+ m2 Plant


by Tanya Shih, Fastener World Inc.

Established in 1999, Hsin Hung Machinery Corp is the sole maker of self-locking nut and offers metal insert locking nuts in various sizes as per clients’ demand. Currently it produces 3mm to 30mm small to medium size high-value nuts suitable for automotive, motorbike, bike, railroad, industrial PCs, agricultural machinery, and ship-making industries, which require that components resist high-frequency and high-intensity vibrations. In June 2014 the company launched a new plant that is expected to boost 5% to 10% revenue growth by 2015, based on the condition of order intake in recent years.


Carrying out Sustainability and Expanding Capacity

Profession and mastering artifact bring client trust and annual stable growth to the company. General manager Chin-Fa Wu says, “This plan to move to a larger plant is aimed at carrying out business sustainability and fulfilling our responsibility to the clients. Hsin Hung Machinery cannot make products and supply the market under a rented plant for good. We ought to build more confidence in the company for our clients.”


To open up a new page, it took Hsin Hung Machinery three years from planning to launching the new plant and office on a 3,200+ m2 purchased land in Taoyuan County of Taiwan. Currently the new plant has 20 sets of nut assembling machines, multiple sets of CNC machine tools, sorting machines, inspecting instruments and other manufacturing and QC equipment. The new plant has a large area of storage space and inner land for future capacity expansion.


Purchase Plan Aimed for Automated Production

Hsin Hung Machinery specializes in high-value nuts, which does not belong to standard fasteners requiring only one-pass forming. Each operation is critical in terms of techniques. At full capacity, the company can make 200 thousand self-locking nuts a day. The new plant inspires the company with a new vision and goal. In order to ensure quality and improve capacity, Mr. Wu thinks the next and inevitable step is to introduce automated production.


However, there is yet to be the equipment that meets this kind of demand due to the current development of machine tools. To immediately improve capacity, the company will first purchase assembling machines to boost capacity by 5% to 10%, while continuously discussing with equipment makers on developing automated equipment. We can look forward to the company’s automated production in the future.


Hsin Hung Machinery ‘s are delicate and sophisticated and have earned trust from the Japanese market, which takes 60% of the company’s total revenue. With the confidence in the Japanese market, the new plant will expand to other markets. Hearing Mr. Wu’s future plan, we are already looking forward to writing another new page for the plant.

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