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Significance of Lianyungang Xinyi’s “XYLX” and “XYFS” Brands
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Significance of Lianyungang Xinyi’s “XYLX” and “XYFS” Brands


by Tanya Shih, Fastener World Inc.


Lianyungang Xinyi Fasteners Co., Ltd. is one of the largest hot forged fastener manufacturers in China. It is dedicated to manufacturing high quality hexagon/hex bolts, high strength standard/non-standard fasteners that are widely used for high-story building, bridge, railway, petrochemical, and wind power applications. Products are exported to the EU, USA, Japan, the Middle East, Southeast Asia, and South Africa. Since 2011 it has become the commissioner of the Technical Committee for Chinese Fastener Standards and officially acts as one of the critical players in the industry. How could Xinyi climb to the top and become the globally leading fastener company within the past 25 years? Let’s have a closer look.


Xinyi’s Industry Leading Position

Xinyi started the business of fastener heat treatment in 1989 and then began to produce fasteners in 2000. With its heat treating technology, it can easily control the essential quality of fasteners. In addition, noticing the direct influence of product certification on its reputation and sales, it has been continuously approved by ISO9001 (of CQC, RWTÜV, and BVQI), CE, TSG, and CNAS.


Taking Pride in Its Brands, Xinyi Adds “XYFS” After Release of “XYLX”

Brands are what a company can live on and can be regarded as the responsibility and confidence of a company for its products and service. In 2011 Xinyi’s“XYLX”was recognized by the Industrial Administrative Management Bureau of Zhejiang Province as “The Famous Brand of Zhejiang.” The logo of “XYLX” was even hung up on the newly built “Shard” Tower of London in 2012, which was not only a recognition to Xinyi, but also an announcement that its products had been successfully accepted by the high-end fastener market of Europe.


According to its press release published on July 15, 2013, Xinyi registered a new“XYFS”brand specifically used for its hex bolts.


Victory in South African Antidumping Measures Against Chinese Fasteners

With the continuous growth of Chinese fastener industry, a series of antidumping investigations were also coming along. Speaking of the South African antidumping measure against Chinese fasteners activated in 2011, Xinyi was the first company to defend itself under the accusation of unfair trade. Vice President Peifei Xu heading the company to take reactions invested a great deal of energy and resources in compiling the data of import/export and financial records of nearly one and a half years and submitted to ITAC of South Africa for examination. 


Finally it was approved by the ITAC that the dumping of Lianyungang Xinyi did not exist, as a result, Xinyi was not subject to antidumping duties in the sunset review and its full thread bolts would not be subject to the antidumping duty of 73.93% anymore. This is not only a victory for Xinyi, but also a successful model for other Chinese fastener companies taking reactions against antidumping.

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