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Industry Activities 

The Quality Guardian of Your Orders: TJ Parts Industry Co., Ltd.
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The Quality Guardian of Your Orders

Recommended Supplier: TJ Parts Industry Co., Ltd.


by Tanya Shih, Fastener World Inc.

photos in courtesy of TJ Parts


President’s Words

“Influenced by the economic stimulus programs of Japanese Prime Minister ShinzoAbe, a few Japanese fastener companies benefited by the depreciation of Japanese yen have begun to focus more on export activities and activated their domestic production plans. However, the import of raw materials, components, and products is a totally different story as the competition in the field seems to be a zero-sum game, which may be harmful to small-to-medium sized enterprises. Currently, a large proportion of the recovering domestic market demand of Japan is from the re-constructional projects after the March 11th Earthquake and the upcoming 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo. However, the low birthrate and aging population in Japan are likely to cool down the recently booming investment in infrastructure after the 2020 Olympic Games, deteriorating the economy. Before it happens, I hope that TJP’s idea of“T(Taiwan)+J(Japan)=Quality” could have been widely promoted throughout the whole world,” said President Wataru Yashiki of TJ Parts Industry Co., Ltd. and Kishiwada Stainless Steel Works Ltd.


Japanese Headquarters: 75% of Kishiwada’s Porducts Are Produced In-House and 25% Are Sourced Overseas

Kishiwada Stainless Steel (“KSK”) is a JIS B 1111, JIS B 1180, ISO 9001, and ISO 14001 certified manufacturing plant, as well as accredited by Japan Water Works Association (JWWA). It specializes in the production of special stainless steel bolts in sizes of M3-M24. 75% of the products are produced by itself while the remaining 25% are purchased from overseas manufacturers. Its products are mainly applied to transportation (20%), railways (20%), waterworks (20%), and other applications. Total revenue is JP¥ 3 billion. Currently it has 30 franchise distributors in Japan.


The Osaka-based headquarters has a completely automated production line (including critical processes like wire drawing, cold-forming, heat treating, cleaning/passivation, and etc.), which can satisfy customers’ demands for multiple items, various stainless steel grades, small lot production, and short lead times. It also has many sets of inspection device to ensure the anti-corrosion and stability of products. For instance, it uses a vibration testing machine by IMV and a metal fatigue testing machine by Shimadzu to even conduct special inspection. Through this mechanism, customers can get the traceability of any products and feel safe to use any of its products.


In addition to global sourcing to satisfy customers’ requirements, its Taizhou, Jiangsu-based factory was also built in 2004 to produce stainless steel bolts in the sizes of over M24.


International Sourcing Headquarters: TJ Parts Industry Co., Ltd.

Taiwan +Japan= Quality

The whole world knows that compromise on quality never becomes an option for Japanese companies, which means entering Japanese supply chain will not be a piece of cake. Since 1997 KSK has begun to source from overseas suppliers and in 2013 it established TJ Parts Industry Co., Ltd. in Kaohsiung, Taiwan as its sourcing headquarters outside Japan, after its first oversea factory was built in Taizhou, Jiangsu (China). “We like the materials, equipment, and the attitude of manufacturing products of Taiwan,” said Nobuo Koizumi, Director of TJP. He added, “TJP acts as an intermediary between Taiwanese manufacturers and our customers, trilaterally favorable to manufacturers, TJP, and end users. The “T” of TJP as the trademark is drawn with 3 lines to reflect the idea of ‘Good to 3 Sides.” TJP would like to achieve the balance among quality, pricing, and long-term cooperation.”


Products Must Be Perfectly Perfect

KSK continues to purchase high quality products for Japanese companies around the world and TJP’s service is also provided to Japanese customers. KSK aims to introduce the automated inspection system which it is very proud of into TJP, as a result, it can provide “non-defective” products to customers. Currently it has X-ray thickness testers, hardness testers, metallurgical microscopes, and grinding machines in its factory.


Director Koizumi said, “The requirement on quality of Japanese companies has been more than just perfect, which means the development of any function or performance of a product is always more than what customers may have expected. Japanese people are religious reformists and the competition in the development of new materials and new equipment is very keen.” 


You Produce, We Take Care of Quality

TJP not only purchases fasteners but also purchases wires, machineries, and even tooling dies. It emphasizes more on the spontaneous optimization of manufacturing procedures and the cooperation with manufacturers in product upgrade. Regarding the requirement on zero defective products, TJP can be the one to do it. Sometimes, the one-by-one inspection by either the inspection device or onsite operators cannot fully satisfy the strict requirement of TJP on quality, so TJP will do whatever it takes to conduct both the mechanical inspection and eye inspection.


As a manufacturer, KSK is expanding its factory and plans to introduce bolt formers and part formers from Taiwan. In the future it would like to challenge the forging with a higher technical level to achieve high-end market segmentation, as it recently has developed the brand new 18Cr-10Ni high tensile stainless steel bolt (1,000Mpa as tensile strength and 800Mpa as endurance), nuts, and washers adopting 18Cr-10Ni stainless steel with 3 times as high as in yield strength or ordinary stainless steel bolts, and enjoys with good sales results. As a purchaser sourcing globally, TJP will be certified by ISO 9001 this year and is applying for ISO/TS 16949. If you feel difficulties to enter Japanese market, TJP will be your best choice.


Cf : A2-80 stainless steel bolt : 800Mpa as tensile strength and 600Mpa as yield strength, A2-70 stainless steel bolt : 700Mpa as tensile strength and 450Mpa as yield strength, A2-50 stainless steel bolt: 500Mpa as tensile strength and 210Mpa as yield strength.

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