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Industry Activities 

Carlo Salvi
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Blue Ocean of Industry Leading Players: Carlo Salvi


Carlo Salvi S.p.A was founded in 1939 in Italy with the purpose of building mechanical descalers to process iron and stainless steel wire. In the late 40’s the production of flat die thread rollers and head slotting machines for screws was started. Soon after, the first single die double blow header for screw blanks also won an immediate success in 1952. Headers for tubular rivets with a capacity of up to 600 pcs/min, 2-die 4-blow formers, and 5&6 die progressive headers for special parts were also introduced in the 70’s, 80’s, and 90’s, respectively. Starting from 2000, it introduced a new-generation of headers with hot forming, quick change systems, linear wire feed and electronic adjustments. With the aim to better serve customers in USA, Canada, and Mexico, Carlo Salvi USA was established in Toledo, Ohio at the end of 90’s. After 2010, Carlo Salvi Guangzhou and other branches in UK and Istanbul were also established.


The technical quality of Carlo Salvi was first appreciated in Germany for the ability to produce solid, semi-tubular and fully tubular parts. Moreover, its machines were once adopted to produce copper rivets for the rebuilding of Statue of Liberty in New York. Carlo Salvi’s environmental-friendly machines made from high quality materials with advanced treatments are used worldwide not only in the fastener industry but in different fields (e.g. aerospace, automotive, electronics, buildings, nautical, furnishing, luxury accessories, and etc.). It has even developed a basic line of machines for emerging markets showing demand for efficiency, reliability, and technology. Carlo Salvi manufacturing is mainly divided in three families: (a) 1-die 2-blow headers for solid, semi-tubular and fully tubular parts. (b) 2-die 4-blow headers for more complex parts. (c) 5&6 dies high precision progressive parts formers. Carlo Salvi’s R&D center equipped with 3-D systems and simulation software can offer custom-made solutions not only heading equipment.


Carlo Salvi’s headers main features incl. (1) heading via a soft progressive pressure to produce parts with improved mechanical properties; (2) each part to be produced at each revolution of the flywheel. (3) heading stroke of finishing punch about the half respect to coning punch to achieve better material deformation and tool life. (4) the close cutter allowing better straight cutting quality. (5) The long ram that assures maximum rigidity and alignment during heading. (6) The deep punch housing allowing the use of special tooling. (7) The rotating transmission shaft allowing using cams for special jobs. (8) The machine strength that assures sturdiness, stability, and duration.


Each manufacturing process is carefully studied and machines are tested before leaving premises. One of Carlo Salvi’s missions is to assure a high level technical assistance during all the life of machines and excellent after-sale service. Carlo Salvi’s distributors are not only for sales support, but for offering after-sale service: skilled technicians, spare parts available on shelves and the ability to provide every component within 24 hours. The team of Carlo Salvi is always at customers’ complete disposal to supply detailed information about all of its products.

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