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Industry Activities 

Kuban Kar Company- the Fastener Supplier Trusted by European Automotive Manufacturers
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Focus on Main Fastener Industry Players & How do They See the Middle East and Turkish Markets

Kuban Kar Company- the Fastener Supplier Trusted by European Automotive Manufacturers


Iranian Kuban Kar Company established in 1984 is a leading manufacturer of high tensile fasteners, bolts and nuts, which aims at offering high quality products and service to industries. It has the capacity for all kinds of special fasteners with the diameter ranging from 6mm to 24mm. With more than 15 years of experience in exporting products to other countries, it now has become one of the main suppliers of European leading automotive manufacturers, such as DAF Trucks N.V., PSA Peugeot Citroën, as well as of other automotive manufacturers in the Middle Eastern market, such as Iran Khodro Company and Saipa Group.


Kuban Kar’s business in Iran has been over 30 years. When asked about the most significant difference between the Middle Eastern market and other markets, General Manager Mohammad Javadi said, “Well, each region/market has its own advantages if one knows how to use them; speaking of the Middle East, I would say that many companies in the Middle East have enough capital to invest for high technology (for example, machines, facilities, etc.) and the costs of manufacturing and energy in the Middle East are comparatively low.”


Some companies interested in the Middle Eastern region may sometime hold themselves back from the market due to concerns on political issues, however, Mr. Javadi said, “Although the current political issues in the region have affected the economy, exporting can help us pass through the situation. In my point of view, complications will be eventually gone.”


In terms of the prospect of the Middle Eastern market, Mr. Javadi added, “Looking ahead, we are very optimistic to the future development in the Middle East, as the unstable economic situation will eventually recover everywhere, though it may take most of the time in the full year of 2016.


Kuban Kar has been certified by ISO/TS16949, Q631000, and SAPCO Grade A, all which demonstrate its ability to provide absolutely safe parts to its customers. In order to ensure that all parts delivered from Kuban Kar are all standards compliant and achieve certain quality levels, it also has a quality control testing lab equipped with tensile strength testers, hardness testers, friction testers, X-Ray testers, as well as visual & mechanical dimensional testing devices to monitor the quality of materials and semi-finished/finished products.

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