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Industry Activities 

Pride of the“Lion”Brand -- Chun Zu Presents a New Machine to the World Again
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Chun Zu Machinery Industry Co., Ltd., a giant of fastener machinery, sweeps the world with its own “Lion” brand. It is a subsidiary of the time-honored Chun Yu Works & Co., Ltd and also a time-honored company in the Taiwanese fastener industry. Chun Zu started as a maker of traditional screw/nut cold forging machines and assorted dies and tooling. In recent years it has successfully transformed and created the multi-stroke cold forging forming machines used for processing various sophisticated metal parts. “Product quality, precision, safety and excellent customizability are critical factors for Chun Zu’s being recognized by the market, as well as the elements for increasing the competitiveness of our machines,” said President Bruce Sun. 


s New Machines are Guarantee of High Efficiency & Capacity
The AF-6 high-speed thread tapping machine exhibited in Taiwan International Fastener show 2016 is a new product Chun Zu co-developed with German E.W.M. This machine can produce 400 pcs of screws per min; the CDH-62L 2-die 2-blow heading machine can produce 220 pcs per min.; the CSH-5L open die secondary processing machine can process 120 pcs per min. Features of these machines are their high speed, high precision, operating stability, which do not require  2 or 3 times of machining, thus saving time and costs, improving production efficiency, and reducing materials consumption.

A New Chapter for Dies Development
One of the successes of Chun Zu’s R&D is its enhanced die manufacturing and design  capability. In some cases, the manufacturing of screws/nuts may require up to 7 types of dies, and therefore, Chun Zu not only develops machines with quick die-changing systems, but also takes a further step in dies development. It helps clients design the dies they need, and particularly satisfies them with customized products. Clients adopting Chun Zu’s machines with quick die-changing systems and customized dies will be able to produce their own products with the optimal production efficiency.  

Quality is Chun Zu’s Best Promise to Clients
President Sun emphasized that “the main features of Chun Zu’s products include multi-stroke, quick die changing, and the Human Machine Interface(MMI). Clients adopting Chun Zu’s machines can greatly improve their manufacturing efficiency. In addition, the quick die changing systems, additional clamps, and related clamping devices can also effectively prevent their products from dropping and encountering impact, thereby increasing the yield rates.”
Despite the global fastener industry being in recession, Chun Zu continues to demonstrate stable and strong operating performance and gain profit with a promising future. President Sun said in a firm tone, “Green manufacturing process has been an important focus of our development in recent years. Our machines require less labor and less material consumption, improving clients’ production efficiency and competitiveness. Becoming an important partner with clients is our mission statement!”
“A company has to keep improving itself in order to consolidate its long-lasting presence in the market.” This is what president Sun has realized after leading Chun Zu for so many years. As a result, Chun Zu keeps developing state-of-the-art machines which the industry really needs. Recently President Sun is also active in introducing the idea of Manufacturing 4.0 into the company, in anticipation of making the company play an important role in the fastener supply chain and helping clients improve competitiveness. Let’s look forward to seeing how this machinery giant will continue to realize its own new blue ocean strategy in the market!

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by Konnor Lee, Fastener World