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Industry Activities 

CHUN ZU Offers New Machine, Renovation Options to Provide Better Customer Service
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Having been in business for more than 4 decades, Chun Zu Machinery Industry Co., Ltd will soon celebrate its 45th anniversary in 2018. Despite many challenges over the past few years, Chun Zu is very lucky to have experienced more successful results than difficult days. 
Chun Zu (incl. its Taiwan and Shanghai operations) has achieved the sales record of nearly 20,000 sets of machines over the past 40 years. On the other hand, it has become common that many out-of-date machines are renovated or replaced with new ones and that when a company buys a new model, the old ones will be renovated and released for sale again. Hence, as the original manufacturer of these machines, Chun Zu thinks that it is its responsibility to help customers. For this reason, Chun Zu expanded its factory in the beginning of 2017, which is 5,290 sq. meters with a maintenance & repair division specifically for customers needing to renovate their machines, in order to strengthen customer service and make customers rest assured to buy new machines. 

Coherence and Senior Talented Staff Within the Company
Since its inception, Chun Zu has been very capable of retaining its employees. It offers employee stock options to establish solid coherence among the employees and retain talented staff. Moreover, in order to sketch its short/mid/long term plan, increase capital and revitalize capital utilization, Chun Zu has become a registered company on the emerging stock market since 2012. Through trading on the emerging stock market, it can achieve financial transparency, more complete management and higher operating efficiency, thus offering employees a stable company to work for, attracting more skilled persons and creating a positive company image to increase more potential customers’ awareness. 
It has been nearly 20 years since Shanghai Chun Zu Machinery Industry Co., Ltd. was established in 1999. With really fast growth, this Shanghai-based operation has expanded to an approx.. 24,130 sq. meters factory with the total employee headcount of almost 200. Its revenue in 2016 reached up to RMB 0.14 billion. The products of the Shanghai operation are similar to those of its Taiwan HQ, but with bigger model sizes. For example, the specifications of the CBP-305L model are 36 mm max. cut-off diameter, 420mm max. cut-off length and 550,000kgf forging load and the specifications of another CBP-426L model, which a customer is considering placing order for, are 55mm max. cut-off diameter, 560mm max. cut-off length and 1,300,000kgf. forging load. If this machine is released, it’ll be a new era for cold forging multi-station processing machines in the fastener industry.
The Shanghai operation has been a complementary role in the globalization of its Taiwan HQ in the past 20 years. Principally, if the order is made to Taiwan, it’ll be shipped from Taiwan. The Shanghai operation also follows this principle. However, if the price is considered a very important issue of the order, it’ll be processed by Shanghai. 

Achievements & Future Development
Chun Zu develops machines and improves their performance through two ways. One is customization, which means machines are designed according to customers’ requests. The other is R&D on their own. Thus far, Chun Zhu has successfully developed the mechanism and devices with higher efficiency as below: 
1. Anti-damage device applicable to products, which cannot be damaged or are in larger sizes.
2. Temperature monitoring system for machines in operation.
3. Servomotor that is energy saving.
4. Quick die change (for punches and dies) applicable to machines for large-size parts and diverse products in small lots.
5. Multifunctional transfer system (for gripping, releasing and turning) that is patent pending.
6. 7-die, 7-blow part former
7. Extra large-size multi-station cold forging machine (max. cut-off diameter: 36mm; max. cut-off length: 420mm; forging load: 550,000kgf) and another new machine almost ready to be released (max. cut-off diameter: 55mm; max. cut-off length: 560mm; forging load: 1,300,000kgf).
8. New models released in recent years, e.g., CBF-164UL super long model, CDH-62L 2-die 2-blow heading machine, CSH-5L, CSH-10L secondary forging & heading machine and AF-10 flat-die high speed thread rolling machine manufactured under license by German EWMenn.
Other R&D projects Chun Zu has almost finished include: precision high speed nut manufacturing machine, 1-die 2-blow close cutting super long heading machine and automated monitoring device that allows operators to get real-time update of production volumes and machine operation before any problem occurs. President Bruce Sun said that Chun Zu may go further to the R&D of warm/hot forging machines with quick die changing functions, which can be used to produce screws in larger sizes.
 The mission statement of Chun Zu reads “Satisfying Customers, Dedication & Cooperation, Creativity & Innovation.” The satisfaction of customers is particularly essential for Chun Zu. In addition to developing machines with stable performance, Chun Zu thinks that a machine manufacturer should always stand in customers’ shoes. Its goal is to manufacture machines that are time, labor and cost saving to customers. Having taken the position as president for 15 years, Mr. Sun is always strict to himself and oftentimes leads his employees in person to visit customers in order to realize customers’ demand and reinforce their satisfaction.  
When it comes to the future of Taiwanese fastener industry, president Sun said, “Encouragement and competition among companies are both necessary. Without competition, there’ll be no progress. For the whole industry, there are still many opportunities.” 

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by Michelle Hsieh, Fastener World