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Industry Activities 

30-year Experience in Stainless Steel Special Fasteners - Zonbix Enterprise Co., Ltd.
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The discipline and target of Zonbix since its inception have been to keep abreast of clients’ demand and supply clients in real time, even to take responsibility or solve problems for clients. Through this way, it hopes clients will profit more and it seeks their overall recognition. Perhaps you have already known Zonbix as a company exporting multi-stroke standard products in various materials, such as a complete series of T screws, single/double thread bolts, eye bolts, tire screws, automotive weld nuts, and special fasteners made to drawings. The ones that contribute the most to Zonbix’s growth is special stainless steel fasteners.
Stay Ahead of The Game, Developing Stainless Steel Fasteners
Before the inception of Zonbix, president Raymond Liu once worked at Lu Chu Shin Yee Works Co., Ltd, which was the largest stainless steel nut maker in Taiwan, where he significantly improved his specialty and know-how. In the beginning of Zonbix’s business, most companies were focusing on mass production of standard products and expanding supply. Given that there were many local technical talents and hard-working companies and that the stainless steel fastener market demand was expected to grow annually, Raymond thought he should take on the development of various stainless steel fasteners, focus on special products made to drawings and put standard products on the side line to avoid radical competition. He utilized his specialty to actively and quickly establish trust and interest from clients to ensure his survival in the market. At that time, there were almost no cooperative companies making stainless steel fasteners. Except for those big brands that made standard parts, only a few companies were able to test manufacture stainless steel fasteners and most of them were small companies with insufficient machines, QC equipment and know-how. Moreover, Taiwan showed a challenging environment that awaited breakthrough, because back then Taiwan hadn’t started producing stainless steel and therefore relied on total import (mostly from Japan and France). Zonbix persisted in growing and transforming with those companies. Over the last 30 years it has been developing new stainless steel products. Now it has thousands of special products for various applications such as automotive, machinery, construction and general hardware and its market covers the U.S. and Europe (among which Germany takes the largest market proportion by over 60%). The process to this achievement includes purchasing land, building warehouses and setting up QC labs. From production to shipment, Zonbix strictly controls quality batch by batch and provides clients with samples and shipment reports. Its pragmatic operation has been deeply recognized by numerous overseas buyers and has helped bring many clients and high profit to the company.
Zonbix has been supplying new stainless steel forged parts including small nuts in the size of M1.6/M2/M2.5, full-line nylon flange nuts, crank screws with growing demand in Europe, and self-drilling screws with better forging result and performance. Additionally, it has various types of direct forming parts and special parts that require secondary or multiple processing. Some clients need fasteners of single chemical component or of exotic materials, and some need large-size and large-volume fasteners that have to be shipped in 8 containers in a month. Zonbix tries everything to supply to clients and keep abreast of their needs. For over 5 and even 10 years, it has been the sole supply source and beneficiary of its products in Taiwan. Therefore, Zonbix has been recommended by overseas clients and got in touch with some famous brands that seek collaboration, such as the Australian RECOIL making stainless steel thread covers, American SPS, Irish HI-LIFE making thread dies for stainless steel bolts. Zonbix will exclusively introduce the products of these brands to Taiwan.
Sustainable Development, Keep Developing & Selling Fasteners
Despite the drastically changing and competitive industrial environment, Zonbix still has a stable source of clients and business thanks to its years of experience and reputation. It makes the most of its inventory space to store client’s goods for later quick goods pickup. Looking ahead, Zonbix has set up a new R&D division and established a whole shipping inspection process. It not only continues to develop special forged parts, but also adds the sale of various standard parts. It also plans to combine resources with counterparts to invest in CNC equipment, and go toward the development of hi-tech fasteners, aerospace fasteners, related fasteners and assembling parts, through which it hopes to provide bigger and more complete satisfaction for clients in the market. Raymond said, “We may not be the biggest and best, but we are definitely your most trust-worthy partner.”

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by Michelle Hsieh, Fastener World