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Industry Activities 

The Company Considering Quality, Service, Profession and All Aspects - A Rising Star in Electroplating - Z&D PLATING CO., LTD.
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Z&D was established in 2002 and has started production since 2003. Despite its short history, it is a rising star in the electroplating industry. Initially, president Lin headed over to Vietnam and China for market probe, but as the markets were still immature then, eventually he chose to come back and set up a plant in Taiwan and started to visit clients. In the same year of Z&D’s inception, he visited an American surface treatment plant and had a thorough understanding about this field and related environment protective measures. 80%-90% of washers in Taiwan are treated by Z&D, and a lot of products including rivets and nuts are also processed by this company. It has a way in quality control. Finished products will go through salt spray and film thickness test before shipment to ensure stable quality.
Z&D offers high quality and highly standard compliant roller galvanization and zinc-nickel alloy plating. Its main clients are domestic automotive fastener companies and traders, and it sells to the whole world. It uses chemical liquids from MacDermid, and collaborates with Japanese chemical liquid providers to provide different liquids depending on clients’ need. For example, Japanese carmakers such as Mazda, Nissan, Honda and Mitsubishi prefer Japanese chemical liquids.
Nowadays, requirements on surface treatment are becoming stricter, and the level of attention to quality is going higher. Z&D is certified to TS 16949 and is one of the few MacDermid-accredited electroplating plant in Taiwan. To cope with the stringent requirements of the automotive industry on coefficient of friction (CoF), last year Z&D spent nearly 240 thousand euros and bought a SCHATZ CoF machine from Germany. It was the first 2000Nm double-head CoF machine in Taiwan’s electroplating industry. Its measuring range is M4-M24. The 2,000Nm model has 75rpm and the 500Nm model has 330rpm, and both models are compliant with VDA235-203, ISO16047 and ISO2320 requirements.
Small but Complete in Every Detail
Unlike average electroplating plants, Z&D is characteristic of its compact and delicate corporate nature and conducts small lot and customized OEM plating, according to president Lin. The company is highly agile in utilizing its labor force. Generally, the lead time of electroplating is between 5 to 10 days. With full dedication and clients’ trust on Z&D’s high quality, Z&D can adjust workforce to meet clients’ demand in a timely manner despite tighter lead times.
Putting Belief into Practice to Build Good Reputation
The key to Z&D’s success is taking small lot orders. Although Z&D’s product cost is higher and naturally the price is more expensive compared to other counterparts, the company earns deep trust from clients by excellent quality and the average monthly rejection rate of less than 1%. Even some old clients who later turned to other competitors for some price reasons turned to Z&D again. The reason is nothing else but Z&D’s good quality.
There are three pillars to Z&D’s corporate belief. The first and foremost is environmental protection. The electroplating industry is highly pollutive. The most important is to handle the problem of waste discharge. The company is strict to itself, not only meeting governmental regulations but also exceeding industrial standards. Its factory excludes the use of hexavalent chromium and does the best to adjust and improve the manufacturing process to reduce pollution. The second pillar is to continue creating values. The company does not ask for growth by leaps and bounds for the future, but hopes to go firmly and steadily. Last but not least, it is to serve clients and improve client satisfaction. Z&D actively discusses and does researches with clients. Whether they are big or small, Z&D does the best to solve their problems. In the era of intense global competition, it is not easy to sustain a business. However, the company hopes to gradually progress and improve through clients’ demand.

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by Michelle Hsieh, Fastener World