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Industry Activities 

Supplying Various Tapping Machines with Guaranteed High Quality Jar Hon Machinery Co., Ltd.
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Jar Hon Machinery Co., Ltd. established in 1986 is a specialized designer and manufacturer of

various special purpose machine of manufacturing industries in Taiwan. In order to offer better and quicker service as well as handling increasing production needs, Jar Hon expanded its business scale in Feb 2014 and set up a new factory in RenhuaIndustrial Park in addition to the factory located at TaichungTaipingIndustrial Park. Jar Hon tries to satisfy customers’ demands at all times and continues to develop various types of automation equipment, many of which have been patented with honor. Jar Hon currently set trade office in Guangdong for handling its marketing and after sales service in China.


Jar Hon is able to offer customers various secondary processing machines, tapping machines, or customized machines according to customers’ specific needs. Jar Hon can manufacture machines for any industry (e.g. fasteners, electronics or 3C) having the demand for thread tapping. In addition to being applied to fasteners, its machines can be also applied to automotive & motorbike parts, wheel nuts & special nuts, anchors and secondary processing. 

Jar Hon Machinery Co., Ltd. adheres to the concept of


Jar Hon’s Machines adhere to "Keeping Quality" and "Doing Better"

Current sales of Jar Hon are 30% from the domestic market and 70% from foreign countries. In its foreign sales, part of them are completed via direct sales, however, Jar Hon also partners with other leading forming machine suppliers and domestic traders to sell its machines to the markets (especially to China, India and Southeast Asian countries). Jar Hon’s automatic feeding and tapping machines demonstrate high accuracy performance and many of these machines can be simultaneously operated by only one man, which saves the labor force a lot for companies. These machines are installed with safety mechanisms for feeding, torque and clamping to ensure the service life of taps and safety. If detected any defective semi-finished part or abnormal during tapping, the entire process will stop immediately, so the number of non-standard compliant fasteners can be controlled within the lowest level. 


Machines manufactured by Jar Hon are absolutely standard-compliant, so there are less needs of repair. Moreover, as Jar Hon has an extremely high requirement for machine accuracy, Jar Hon manufactures all machines by itself in order to control the accuracy. Valuing products of Jar Hon, Manager Jimmy Kao said, “They are, without doubt, quite durable, good for applications and show extremely high quality.” In terms of pre-sales service, Jar Hon actively discusses with customers as more detailed as possible and tries its best to fully satisfy what customers need. As for the after-sales service, Jar Hon cares about almost every detail as well. For example, many other companies may not help customers repair their machines, as they hope customers can replace their old machines with new ones. However, Jar Hon will not do so but offer the most comprehensive repair solutions.


Misfortune is Sometimes a Blessing in Disguise 

For the fastener industry, the new law enforcement regarding more limited working hours in Taiwan has caused the shipment delay from their partnered companies and cost increase. Many fastener companies have also reported difficulty in labor arrangement in manufacturing lines and the greatly increasing labor cost out of their control. Jar Hon, though influenced in some parts, has been also benefited by this governmental policy in some other parts. Owing to the increasing labor cost, many fastener companies have turned to Jar Hon to buy their automation equipment in order to reduce their labor cost. In this era with increasing demand for automation, it is definitely good news to manufacturers of automation equipment.


In addition to exhibiting at many international machinery fairs around the world, Jar Hon will also exhibit at Taiwan International Fastener Show in April 2018. In the future, Jar Hon hopes to offer customers high quality machines more purposes that can truly save customers’ time and labor. Dedicated to offering the highest quality and continuous improvement, Jar Hon will also continue to develop various tapping machines for a wide range of customers.


Jar Hon contact: Mr. Jimmy Kao (email:

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