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Japan Machine Manufacturer Heading for China & Global Market- Asahi Sunac Corporation
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by Dean Tseng, Fastener World

Founded in 1942, Asahi Sunac is embracing its 75th anniversary. The company started off from the very beginning as a bullet manufacturing company due to the request by the Japanese Navy. Afterwards, Japan shifted from munition to non-munition industry structure (namely, the peace time), and the company took on the approach to be a manufacturer in the industry that serves as a foothold for all sorts of other industries in Japan.


Two Primary Business Pillars

One of the pillars is the Coating Equipment & Engineering division that dedicates to developing what is called “TE100 (100% Transfer Efficiency)” since 100% coating efficiency is the mantra for coating machine manufacturers. This division features electrostatic coating equipment that sprays atomized electric coating to achieve high quality, improved environment and cost reduction.


The other pillar is the Forging Machinery & Tooling division featuring single ball headers (capacity up to 1,000 pieces per minute), bolt headers, and parts formers up to 8 stations. Specifically the SF Series (6-8 stations) is characteristic of the Fine Feed System (grip feeding mechanism), Fine Cutoff System (high-speed cutoff mechanism), Fine Slide System (ram-slide zero clearance), and Universal Transfer (180-degree pass-and-turn action transfer system), therefore enabling high precision forging. Furthermore, Asahi Sunac is continuously developing machines. One of them is the SRF Series equipped with QTC System (Horizon Installer) that can shortly complete die and punch changeover with a simple manual operation. Others include the co-developed SGF Series which is a downsized equipment using phase contrast ram composition, warm/cold forging parts former and the machine equipped with hydraulic servo mechanism which is able to realize closed forging, and back pressure forging. These machines are highly appraised and repeatedly purchased by customers.


Additionally, New Components division was born from “atomization technology” which is the core of coating equipment. It features Super High Pressure Micro Jet Cleaning System and Precision Coating System. The former applies to electronic devise cleaning and the latter transcends micro-particle technology to achieve nano-level precision and high density coating.


Core Concept of “Net Shaper”

Asahi Sunac offers a solution called “Net Shaper”, an ideal forging production systems capable of forming products of complicated shapes more accurately and more easily, realizing total cost reduction for customers. Net Shaper helps customers improve added values for their products.


Other solutions include: Forging Technology Center (FTC) as a base for customer technical services can do trial production for unexperienced customers and make tooling development; an 100%-owned branch (AO Co., Ltd.) provides engineering services, machine overhaul and retrofit for global customers.


Global Footprints & Market Foresight

Asahi Sunac has 3 subsidiaries (in charge of service for delivered machines) respectively in the U.S., Germany and Thailand, expanding business not just in Japan but also in the U.S., Europe, China, Southeast Asia, India, and Australia. Particularly, China is now the target market for the Forging Machinery & Tooling division that mainly focuses on the automotive industry. Mr. Yoichi Ito of the overseas department said, “We sense a significant potential demand in China that we anticipate a lot. We are still rarely recognized by the people in this market but we are taking steps to increase machine sales there. We will continue to regularly attend exhibitions in China, Taiwan, Southeast Asia, Germany and Japan. We frequently develop new products, so stay tuned to our new technology at the next exhibition!”


Contact: Mr. Yoichi Ito   


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