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TIFI 2017 Annual Member Meeting & Election of Directors/Supervisors
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by T.F. Tsai, Fastener World

Taiwan Industrial Fastener Institute (TIFI) held “the 18th Annual Member Meeting” and election of new directors/supervisors at Kaohsiung Grand Hi-Lai Hotel on December 15th. Widely supported by all the attending directors, supervisors and members, Mr. Tu-Chin Tsai was elected as the new chairman. Prior to the new title, Chairman Tsai was the vice chairman and convener of TIFI. His company, Sun Beam Tech Industrial, has been devoted to the development of Taiwan’s fastener industry for more than three decades. With his success in business, Chairman Tsai also has abundant experience of TIFI operation, so the election result of becoming the new TIFI chairman is publicly respected and well deserved. Please see the list for new directors and supervisors.


The meeting began with the speech delivered by the 17th Chairman Anchor T.H. Chang, and he first expressed his gratitude toward the support from all the members, supervisors and directors to take the institute going further. Moreover, with the joint effort of TIFI and other relevant authorities, the number of exhibitors that registered in "Taiwan International Fastener Show" in April 2018 has increased by 410 and the number of booths booked has reached up to 1,110, making the show the world’s 3rd largest international fastener exhibition. TIFI is also actively cooperating with the Industrial Development Bureau (MOEA) of Taiwan in promoting the “NICE” program for upgrading and guiding the fastener industry,”” which aims at the development of high-value-added products, domestically-made smart device, competent workers, and eco-friendly process. The investment scale reaches NTD 300 million to optimize the fastener industry structure, raise the export unit price, as well as stabilize the export value growth. In the future, TIFI will adopt computerized information management and boost the publicity of the institute’s website, in the hope of serving the industry more effectively and assisting its members in opening up business opportunities.


Speaking of fastener exports, Taiwan’s export volume and value peaked in 2014. However, the economic performance of European and American countries fell short of expectations with other uncertainties such as Brexit brought about the first decline of over 6% in Taiwan’s fastener industry in 2016. What’s worse, meanwhile, the EU lifted the anti-dumping duty on carbon steel screws in China, causing an impact on Taiwan’s fastener exports. Fortunately, 2017 saw the first comprehensive recovery of all economies. With the strong consumption of the advanced countries such as the US, Japan and Europe, Taiwan’s fastener exports reached 1.32 million tons (up 3.6%) from January to October 2017, with a total value of USD 3.52 billion (up 12%). If this trend continues, chances are that another peak will be reached in the future. With more than 60 years of history, Taiwan’s fastener industry has been cultivating numbers of technologies and professionals, and looking forward to more future breakthroughs, hoping to become one of the top five automotive fastener suppliers by 2020.


The meeting coincided with the election and attracted many participants, including Minister of Economic Affairs Mr. Jong-Chin Shen, President of Taiwan’s China Steel Corporation (CSC) Chao-Tung Wong, industry representatives, government officials, and over 500 guests and members, showing TIFI’s influence over the industry. New Chairman Tu-Chin Tsai stated in his inauguration speech that it takes courage to bear the responsibility as a chairman, but he will work hard alongside the whole team and unite all the members to lead the industry to prosperity. The dinner banquet arranged later was warmly pleasant, and the guests enjoyed mingling, drawing the meeting to a successful ending.


TIFI Directors and Supervisors of the 18th Term of Service






Tu Chin Tsai

Sun Beam Metal Industrial Co., Ltd.

Vice Chairman

Hui Chen Lin

Chun Yu Works & Co., Ltd.

Vice Chairman

Ann Hong

Shih Hsang Ywa Industrial Co., Ltd.

Vice Chairman

Y. Y. Tsai

Jinn Her Enterprise Co., Ltd.

Executive Director

Mark Wu

Boltun Corporation

Executive Director

Wen Jay Lin

San Shing Fastech Corp.

Executive Director

Hsiang Sun

Hwang Shiang Ind. Co., Ltd.

Executive Director

Song Nan Huang

Lu Chu Shin Yee Works Co., Ltd.

Executive Director

Chong Jen Yen

Thread Industrial Co., Ltd.


Wu Mu Wang

Ho Hong Works Co., Ltd.


Yung Chang Chu

Shuenn Chang Fa Enterprise Co., Ltd.


Bi Feng Chu

Anchor Fasteners Industrial Co., Ltd.


Jin Tien Li

Chao Shen Screw Industrial Co., Ltd.


Zhen Ze Wang

Quintain Steel Co., Ltd.


Jian De Xin

Ying Ming Industry Co., Ltd.


Shun Li Chang

Rodex Fasteners Corp.


Tom Chuang

Fong Yien Industrial Co., Ltd.


Tan Tsong Kuo

Jyh Rong Screw Industry Co., Ltd.


Wen Te Chen

Special Fasteners Engineering Co., Ltd.


Ming Chin Chen

High Point Enterprise Co., Ltd.


Min Lang Chen

Kuan Hsin Screw Industry Co., Ltd.


Ming Tao Tseng

Daao Chi Industry Corp.


James Tang

Coae Bolts Works Co., Ltd.


Kenny Huang

Tycoons Group Enterprise Co., Ltd.


Chia Pao Huang

Shi Jaan Works Co., Ltd.


Jung Tien Tsan

Wa Tai Industrial Co., Ltd.


Tsong Ming Chiang

Chun Mu Works Co., Ltd.


Tea Ren Sun

Jau Yeou Industry Co., Ltd.

Executive Supervisor

Simon Lin

Fong Prean Industrial Co., Ltd.

Executive Supervisor

Jimmy Ko

Tong Hwei Enterprise Co., Ltd.


Jang Chon Wang

Lih Ta Fasteners Co., Ltd.


Yen Wen Her

Chun Zu Machinery Industry Co., Ltd.


Sandy Yu

Chong Cheng Fastener Corp.


Henry Lin

Chan Hsiung Factory Co., Ltd.


Chi Chun Chen

Chu Hua Industry Co., Ltd.


Yi Nen Chen

Ben Yuan Enterprise Co., Ltd.

Alternate Director

Zai Ze Wang

Jwu Sheng Enterprise Co., Ltd.

Alternate Director

Andy Wang

Sun Through Industrial Co., Ltd.

Alternate Director

Tsan He Liu

Chun Men Industrial Co., Ltd.

Alternate Director

Yin Chan Tu

I Chang Works Co., Ltd.

Alternate Director

Frank Lin

Chia Yi Fastener Co., Ltd.

Alternate Director

Yong Chain Shih

Lung Fa Screw Ind. Co., Ltd.

Alternate Director

Zephyr Chang

Unitech Products Corp.

Alternate Director

Kun Lin Hsieh

Dragon Iron Factory Co., Ltd.

Alternate Director

Jack Su

Taiwan Shan Yin International Co., Ltd.

Alternate Supervisor

Wen Chun Wang

Yuo Chun Enterprise Co., Ltd.

Alternate Supervisor

Tien Sung Kuo

Heng Huai Industrial Co., Ltd.

Alternate Supervisor

Chin Te Chen

De Hui Screw Industry Co., Ltd.

Source: TIFI

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