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Industry Activities 

~Your priority choice for high quality dies development~ E-FONG: Taking the Lead in R&D of Tungsten Carbide Dies
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The Industrywide Admired Super Hard Tungsten Carbide Dies 

Headquartered in Gangshan, Kaohsiung (Taiwan), E-Fong Die Manufacture Co., Ltd. has been dedicated to the manufacture and R&D of dies for various industrial parts applications for several years and has been a reliable partner trusted by many industry leading customers. Under the leadership of General Manager Jack Wang, who has a wealth of industrial experience and a talent for corporate management, and with the full dedication to satisfying a diverse range of customers’ dies demand, E-Fong is currently specialized in the manufacture of super hard Tungsten Carbide dies. Its main products include fastener dies, non-standard dies, forming dies, triangle dies, strong beam dies, 4 & 6 combination screw dies made of Tungsten Carbide, SKH9, SKH55, M42, etc. These dies with superior performance and excellent quality have successfully turned E-Fong into a very reliable partner to many Taiwanese fastener manufacturers. E-Fong has in recent years become a commonly seen dies brand in the complex fastener manufacturing procedures.


Dedicated to R&D of Multi-station Fastener Dies & Extending Reach to Advanced Market Sectors

Considering the fact that many fastener companies around the world continue to focus more on the automotive, aerospace or even more advanced market sectors and in order to get closer to these customers’ demand, E-Fong has been actively dedicated to the development of various multi-station (multi-blow & multi-stroke) fastener dies in recent years, particularly dies for making automotive fasteners & fixings, bullet dies, combination dies and other dies for sleeves/locknuts and nuts. General Manager Wang said with confidence in an interview with Fastener World, “In response to the development of the global automotive industry, which requires higher and higher precision, E-Fong continues to integrate the creativity of their R&D staff and experience of technicians to develop new products, enabling them to provide the global fastener industry full of competition with more proactive, challenging and competitive dies products.” 


An ISO 9001 Approved Company with a Professional Team for Dies R&D

Since the inception, E-Fong has spared no efforts in the development of dies. Its excellent R&D team mainly focuses on the R&D of multi-stroke and multi-layer dies, especially those dies for heads/under-heads processing, hole drilling and hole punching. In addition to the development of dies, E-Fong also attaches much importance to the pre-sale/after-sale service for products, making it widely appreciated by customers. It has been thus far certified to ISO 9001 as well. All of these show the continuous insistence of E-Fong on perfect product quality and its strict attitude toward every detail.


 Improving Capabilities and Talent to Grow with Customers

Facing more and more competitors in the market, E-Fong is not afraid and is brave to take challenges and go further. General Manager Wang said with a firm tone, “E-Fong is full of hope and vision for the fastener industry; furthermore, we also hope to develop more patented products in the next three years and share our enthusiasm with others. It is said that sharp tools make good work, so currently E-Fong is expanding its production capacity. What is even more important is the emphasis on personnel developing and training. Through these changes, E-Fong would spare no effort to make its modest contribution to all partners, and thus consolidate our presence in the fastener industry!”

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