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Industry Activities 

CCM Introduces New Technology and Celebrates 25th Anniversary
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On 8th of February, Ching Chan Optical Technology Co., Ltd.(CCM) launched a new technology presentation and yearend banquet. Worldwide fasteners related experts were invited to the event. At the new plant in Liu Ying launched last October covering 59,503 sq. m, CCM exhibited various types of currently developed high-tech machines and gave a detailed explanation of each machine’s advantages to visitors. Its brand new high-speed precision forming machine for the fastener industry is designed to manufacture 400 pcs/min, along with its pressure testing system and online inspection equipment which allows users to take good control from the beginning process. The president of CCM, Alex Wu said, ”Our Liu Ying new plant costs around NTD 1 billion to build. We introduced Japanese high precision processing equipment and have automobile level clean coating room and quality laboratory. We adopt top equipment to make the best quality products.

For many years, CCM has been focusing on its profession, continuously putting efforts into developing fastener manufacturing machines and has received recognition from patrons. With the purpose of improving itself and integral industrial standard, in 2016 along with 10 other leading fastener and equipment companies including Anchor Fasteners, NAFCO, QST International, etc, CCM joined a “NICE Fastener Industrial Upgrade and Transformation Project” organized by Industrial Development Bureau (IDB) of Taiwan. The name “NICE” stands for “Niche Product, Intelligent Equipment, Competent Workers and Eco-friendly process.” CCM’s main mission is to build an one-stop examplary product line, including manufacturing, process inspection, online inspection system and end-stage optic testing, etc. to optimize the structure of the fastener industry in Taiwan.

CCM has now set up one-stop new plant with a new product line, 80% of which is contributed by CCM itself and has many patents of new technology, claimed as the world premiere, as well as the first shot of domestic fastener machinery industry. CCM has drawn a lot of attention. This new product line is expected to significantly change the “order first, production later” way of traditional manufacturing fabrication, more importantly, to shorten the lead time and enhance competitiveness. “There’s no need to wait. With our all-in-one product line, high-precision forming machines are well stocked anytime for customers to select” says Alex Wu, president of CCM.

During the night the year-end thanksgiving party was held and joined by numerous groups of people. Not only with joy and laughter, the banquet ended with this very moving scene. A video was reviewing the chairman Alex Wu’s startup journey from his beginning years of frustrations and great efforts till becoming a successful entrepreneur as he has now become. Mr. and Mrs. Wu both had their eyes brimmed with tears and afterwards expressed their deep gratitude for the support from every peer, and they will keep on contributing to the society and company. The guests were all moved by the emotions expressed by Alex’s story, which became the party’s warm-hearted ending.

Contact : Miss Hui Wan Chen
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