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Industry Activities 

Haur Fung Enterprise Co., Ltd. High Quality, Competitive Price, Global Market Share
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by Dean Tseng, Fastener World

Founded in 1988 in the Beitou District of Taipei, Haur Fung is a professional fastener and hardware exporter dealing with a complete range of fasteners including self-tapping screws, self-drilling screws, drywall screws, machine screws, hexagonal screws/bolts/nuts, various nuts, washers and rivets. It offers OEM and ODM services. Besides the above standard products, it accepts orders for customized products. It gives customers access to one-stop purchase for all desired fasteners and has become the ideal business partner with global buyers.

Continuous Business Growth;
Customer Development in Europe, Latin America, Africa and the Whole World
The company has an annual revenue of millions of NTD and hundreds of suppliers, and its business remains on a growth track every year. Its fasteners and hardware products are mainly exported to European countries, with many other subsequent destination countries including Chile in Latin America. During the interview Haur Fung said, “Recently we have been actively making our entry into new countries, among which South Africa is our main target.” The reason that the company sets its foot in this enormous emerging market is because its experience with clients has led it to find out that the South African demand for fasteners has reached a certain market scale. As it interacted with South African clients, it learnt that they do business with trust and credibility; therefore it is actively extending its trading business there. Up to this date it has accrued a large number of quality clients, but its ambition goes further beyond by crossing over to the sales of professional-grade fasteners with more profits while continuing on client development.

Small and Adept, Precise and Fast
Speaking of its strength, Haur Fung noted that it operates flexibly and adaptively by instantaneously responding to all sorts of client demand. For long-time collaborative buyers, it keeps a record of past purchases and notifies buyers of their potential need for products after careful assessment.
Besides complete and meticulous service, Haur Fung has no loose ends on product quality management. After clients’ inquiry and order placement, and before shipment, the company inspects products for compliance with clients’ demand or do an onsite inspection at clients’ production site, just to ensure the quality reaches clients’ requests. It has passed ISO and CE certifications that prove its management and quality are trustable.

Haur Fung has visited the Las Vegas and Cologne fastener shows and other shows in Japan, India, Shanghai, and met new clients there. Despite the global price competition, Haur Fung continues to exhibit its price competitiveness and high quality. The next decade of Haur Fung business is sure to thrive on.

“The goal of Haur Fung trading is to build the bridge for buyers and manufacturers. We help buyers anywhere around the world find their desired products and help manufacturers market their products to every corner of the world.

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