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Precision Metal Wire and Sheetmetal Processing -- Yen Chang Hardware Capable of Satisfying Customers’ Requests for Sophisticated Products
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by Gang Hao Chang, Vice Editor-in-Chief of Fastener World

Incepted in 1992, Yen Chang Hardware Hook & Spring Factory located in Tainan, Taiwan is an ISO 9001:2015 certified company with complete small to medium sized hardware processing technology.   Named as a business for hardware, hooks and springs though, Yen Chang is a de facto expert for precision stamped parts.  Through 26 years of development and growth, Yen Chang has successfully extended its product portfolio to include stamped parts, metal forming, springs made of stainless steel, copper, aluminum, etc. With expectation of better future for CNC milling (machining), it made a bold move to set up its own CNC division for precision parts processing.  Its high quality products  have been comprehensively used in  automotive/motorbike parts, camping & living, fishing hooks, construction, electronic components and  many other industries. The unique technique and flexible service of Yen Chang have not only been recognized by the market, but also have made the company gain a solid presence fast in the global market. 

Self-developed Machines + Well-trained Technicians, Helping Customers Reduce Risk of Defective Products
President Chen Jung-Shou, who was once a contestant in a relevant machine processing competition, has dedicated himself to spring processing technology for decades and has a wealth of practical experience and knowledge of machine operation. The multi-slide machines  installed in the plant were mostly developed and assembled by President Chen, as a result, compared to other companies which purchased machines directly from outside the company, Yen Chang could offer the optimal product processing solutions that  accurately meet customers’ needs. The multi-slide machine is a horizontal stamping press that uses cams to controls tools. The key difference is that instead of an “up and down” motion like in a punch press, the multi-slide machine works on right angles. Its moving slides that have tools attached, which strike the work piece to form it. And it is the best die casting option for small and complex parts. These machines allow us to form all bends in particular part without repositioning or moving the part to another machine or operation. Fewer operations mean a more efficient and lower cost solution to you. In addition to multi-slide machines used to process metal materials of wire and sheet, which produce less waste. Yen Chang has also introduced punch press includes stage stamping and progressive stamping. Some of the benefits to punch presses are that they take low-volume orders, less time to set up and run at a faster rate than a multi-slide, providing cost savings, which helps the company solve any possible problem efficiently and immediately. Assistant Manager Ms.  Kiwi Cheng said, “One of our competitive edges is our developing capabilities for molds, dies and tooling! Some of our technicians even once represented Taiwan to compete in WorldSkills – Polymechanic/Automation held in Canada and won two gold medals. All of these bestow strength upon us to satisfy customers’ requirements for precision, high-performance and punctual delivery of products. We  didn’t need to worry about issues like defective products or delayed shipments resulted from die replacement or maintenance, either, so we could help customers achieve their goal of cost control.”

Further Consolidating Presence in Taiwan and Focusing on High Added-value Markets in Europe, USA and Japan 
Ms. Cheng emphasized, “We never consider ourselves a traditional industry and are continuously working hard toward the field of precision stamping and CNC processing.  Most of our customers  are located in Taiwan, however, we have also expanded our business to European, U.S. and Japanese markets through traders and direct sales.” The thoughtful OEM and ODM  service has made Yen Chang widely recognized by global customers and made it reach the eye-catching sales record of 7-8 million pcs of stamped parts, 5-600 million pcs of wire forms and 4-500 million pcs of springs per year.

Aside from technique, service and communication are what Yen Chang is extremely concerned about. The company has also helped many customers complete their own patent products improvement & development projects. Cheng added, “We are where our customers are! Different from large corporations, Yen Chang could immediately respond to customers’ requests for low-volume and sophisticated products, which is more efficient and flexible.”  In the ever-changing industrial environment with increasing competition, Yen Chang will continue to make the most of its technique to satisfy customers’ demand for lower cost and high quality and expects to offer better and a wider range of service, renovate facilities, look for new customers and make contributions to the  field of precision hardware and stamping.

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