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Dies and Tooling Manufactured by Tsunami Ltd. -- The Strongest Support for Metal Processing
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by Gang Hao Chang, Vice Editor-in-Chief of Fastener World

Tsunami Ltd., moving to its current nearly 1,985 sqm plant in Kaohsiung five years ago, has been a professional dies and tooling manufacturer and supplier for screws, nuts, sleeves and automotive/motorbike parts, which is widely trusted and recognized by relevant fastener manufacturers. With its capacity being fully utilized, Tsunami has nowadays become a significant role in the development and supply of molds and tooling in the global market. Its effort to improve the performance of dies and tooling and insistence on the quality of every detail also demonstrate its ambition to take the lead in the industry. 

Achieving Both Results of Precision and Effectiveness, Tsunami’s Dies and Tooling Make Customers’ Products Perfect at All Times
In terms of the effectiveness and precision of consumable dies and tooling for various types of cold/warm/hot forging formers, Tsunami always has requirements stricter than those of customers! From preliminary drawings, material selection to the final testing of finished products, the team of Tsunami follows the strictest operating standards at all times, which is also one main reason several domestic and overseas customers designate Tsunami as their only one supplier of high quality dies and tooling.

Having dedicated himself to manufacturing dies and tooling for 3 decades, Tsunami General Manager Li- Ming Chang said in an interview with Fastener World, “The most significant features of Tsunami are its abilities to select the right tungsten carbide and choose the most suitable positions of holes on dies and a wealth of experience in determining the optimal forging force.” He added, “Forging is generation of power, which will simultaneously create friction. Our job is to locate the most balanced point between such power and friction in order to complete the manufacture of dies and tooling. Tsunami will also select, as per customer’s request, the most suitable material for manufacturing dies and tooling according to the results.” Chang’s words fully revealed the confidence of Tsunami’s team in their technique and the ability to offer products their customers really need. 

Sophisticated Testing Devices Equipped in the Factory, Helping Achieve More Accurate Specifications of Dies and Tooling
With the new plant, Tsunami has greatly increased its capacity and had its customer service extended to cover more diversified areas. In addition, for reinforcing the accuracy of product specifications, Tsunami has also introduced various sets of testing equipment and prepared different types of solutions respectively for the demand of Europe/Japan for specialty parts and the demand of Southeast Asian countries for standard parts. Thus far, its products have been successfully exported to Europe, Japan, Malaysia, India and so on.
Tsunami will also continue to advance its development and manufacture of dies and tooling and realize its commitment to offering customers high quality products, as what it has stated in its company mission: “We are capable of satisfying the demand for different dies and tooling of customers and the supply chain of relevant dies and tooling. We’d sincerely like to invite you all to be our customers and enjoy our supply and complete service for superior dies and tooling!”

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