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Industry Activities 

Keeping an Eye on the Global Market with Development and Supply of Professional Dies, Molds & Tooling -- Cham Hung Enterprise Co., Ltd.
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by Gang Hao Chang, Vice Editor-in-Chief of Fastener World

Located at the fastener manufacturing heartland of Taiwan (Gangshan, Kaohsiung),Cham Hung Enterprise Co., Ltd. under the leadership of President Hui-Hung Huang has continuously kept its steady growth in business and expanded its customer base. Thus far, its business has been mainly focused on the R&D and manufacture of tungsten carbide products (e,g. tungsten carbide tooling for screws and nuts, cut-off knives and carbide quills), alloy steel products (e,g, alloy steel dies, cut-off knives, carbide quills, punches and other various alloy dies), and many other hex punches, trimming dies, fingers/grippers, K.O. pins, feeding rollers, thread rolling dies, springs, etc. In addition to being widely used in relevant domestic/overseas fastener processing applications, the excellent quality, durability and performance of Cham Hung’s products have also made the company industry-wide recognized by users.

High Precision and Applicability of Products Make Them Widely Adopted in One-station/Multi-station Formers
In the application of molds, dies and tooling, material selection, whether specifications are precise enough or not, and whether the performance is as per customer’s request are factors that matter. So, Cham Hung, which has years of experience in the development of molds, dies and tooling and a team of technicians to supply these products is definitely qualified to meet the expectations of the industry. As a result, its products have been applied to various one/multi-station formers for manufacturing socket sleeves, nuts, bolts, auto parts, motorbike parts, bicycle parts and so on.

In an interview, President Huang, who is gifted with the development capabilities of molds, dies and tooling, said, “Cham Hung’s customers come generally from W. Europe, S. Europe, S. Asia, Southeast Asia and Northeast Asia. We’ve maintained very stable and harmonious long-term collaboration with each other. No matter what products our customers request (standard or customized, for example), our professional R&D team is definitely capable of completing the tasks as long as they can submit drawings in advance. Plus, we can even arrange a complete customized air or ship delivery procedure for any specific customer if necessary.

Global Business Expansion
The No. 1 Product Manufacturing Solution for Customers
As a company whose manufacturing procedures are ISO 9001 certified, Cham Hung is not only dedicated to the improvement of its manufacturing procedures for molds, dies and tooling, but is also expecting to establish consolidated collaboration with customers from different market segments, in order to offer the optimal solution to its global customers currently facing tough issues in manufacturing procedures. On the other hand, Cham Hung once exhibited at Fastener Fair Turkey in Istanbul in 2017 and 2018 to seek more business opportunities and potential customers, as well as strengthen the global brand exposure of its professional products. President Huang added, “We are always open-minded to any future possibilities! We will also be more active in exhibiting globally and will not exclude the possibility of expanding our facilities in the future.”

Cham Hung contact: Ms. Daphny Huang

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