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Wuxi 5s Hardware Manufactory Co., Ltd----Understanding Customer Demands to offer the Best Quality of Thread Repair
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by Finnick Wu, Fastener World


No need to worry about damaged thread! Just have it handled by the expert of thread repair, WUXI 5S. WUXI 5S was established in 2001. At the beginning, it entered the market with the positioning of “Special and Stainless Steel Thread Repair”. In 2005, it participated in the field of manufacturing to mainly produce threaded inserts and thread repair kits. Meanwhile, it also invested in the businesses related to fasteners to actively develop domestic and overseas markets. Nowadays, it has established sales branches in Wuxi, Suzhou, Hangzhou and Dainan, and the customers are spread widely over domestic and overseas markets.


Threaded Inserts Available in a Variety of Materials and Specifications for a Wide Range of Applications


WUXI 5S mainly produces threaded inserts and the specifications cover Metric, Imperial and US standards, as well as pipe thread standard. The materials adopted are stainless steel, copper, super alloy Inconel x 750, Nimonic 90 and aluminum. The surface treatment covers silver plating, molybdenum disulfide, electrophoresis and natural coloring. The specifications from Metric M2-0.4 to M56-5 and standard thread 4#-40 to 1”-8 are always available in stock for selection. Also, the auxiliary tools such as tapping tools and wrenches are provided. Recently, the maximum diameter of threaded insert developed is M100-5. The threaded insert with precision and lightweight design is valuable for a host of applications especially in aviation & aerospace, new energy vehicle, engine components, telecommunication components, precision instrument and other industries. Nowadays, the share of customized products in WUXI 5S is gradually increasing. At the moment, although the major customers are from the domestic market, the promotion to overseas market is spread via various channels such as distribution, exhibition, public media and the Internet.


Understanding Customer Demands

Inconel x 750 Heat-resistant threaded insert Well Recognized by Customers

Recently, the threaded inserts supplied to customers are mainly used in the fields of automotive engine, communication filter, rail transportation, precision instrument, new energy vehicle, etc. Understanding the application purpose of customer is essential in pre-sales service. It is necessary to know the requirement on the product, application environment, quality or installation, or what troubles have ever occurred, and the reason for the chosen threaded insert and the brand. Regularly surveying customers about their experiences and needs after they purchase the products is also important, WUXI 5S provides production plans and special supply methods, such as VMI and JIT services, to offer customers more convenience.


In terms of product quality, WUXI 5S also plays the role of goalkeeper. It is certified to ISO9001 and is applying for IATF16949. In terms of quality check, the tensile testing machine for checking the mechanical properties, the spectrometer for inspecting the composition of material, the projector for inspecting the shape of thread process, the torque testing bench for checking the rotating torque, the probe and hole plug gauge for measuring the depth and the professional instruments, such as the salt spray test machine and coating thickness gauge are all prepared well to complete the best quality control for customers. The super alloy thread insert inconel x 750, which is the proud of the thread repair expert, WUXI 5S, has been approved by the customer in practical application. The most common specifications of heat-resistant thread inserts are always available in stock. In terms of surface treatment, WUXI 5S adopts electrophoresis, encapsulant and molybdenum disulfide, making the products particularly competitive. In addition, the company has made a huge progress in developing anti-loosening thread insert which is pending for patent.


Establishing Sustainable Business and More Specialized Product Service

In the future, WUXI 5S will continue to invest in the R&D of threaded insert and auxiliary tools, and utilize distributor channels to provide localized service. WUXI 5S has applied for a series of patents for the development of various threaded insert products. Also, the anti-loosening and anti-theft threaded insert products will be developed continuously and quickly commoditized and marketed. The company is determined to specialize in the field of hardware products to make its products and service the first choice for customers and to create values for the customers and the market. The company believes that will be the spirit to make a sustainable business and that is the major vision of WUXI 5S.


Contact: Sales Manager Mr. Spark Cui


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