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A New Milestone & Credit- Sheh Fung Screws to Acquire ETA Certificate This March
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by Michael Wu, Fastener World


Devoting itself to the fastener business for 45 years, Sheh Fung Screws Co., Ltd. (“Sheh Fung”) will acquire the ETA certificate issued by the EU this March. In addition to having a wealth of industrial knowledge and professional technology, Sheh Fung is also a brave challenge taker and innovator. As Sheh Fung has great confidence in its manufacturing capabilities, it then went on the journey to the application of ETA.


Why Applying for ETA?

Insight of General Manager Kent Chen and Clients’ Recognition

The application for ETA requires many processes and does cost a lot, so only a few Taiwanese fastener businesses have acquired this certificate thus far. For many other businesses, acquiring ETA is also one of their biggest goals in the future. General manager Kent Chen said the reason that Sheh Fung is so active in acquiring the ETA certificate is the encouragement from an European customer, who has confidence in manufacturing capabilities of Sheh Fung and suggested Sheh Fung to give it a try. However, Chen already got this idea on his mind right after the exhibition at FF Stuttgart 2017, as he ‘d like to lead the company to go toward the development in new fields! With the leadership of General manager Chen and customers’ recognition and expectation, Sheh Fung then launched all relevant procedures and R&D for the application for ETA.


Sheh Fung Shows the Importance of Team Work

Sales Rep. Ms. Hsieh said, “Right after General manager Chen set the direction of the company’s future development, we started to collect material to understand what ETA is and benefits it may bring to us. From preliminary works including material collection, dimension design, market survey starting one year ago to the later repetitive testing and amendments by the R&D team, we finally made ourselves ready to be audited in the 2nd half this year. In Oct. auditors from the EU came to Sheh Fung for auditing; in Nov. we finished the development of samples; in Dec, all of the tests were completed. We expect to officially receive the ETA certificate by the end of Feb. or the beginning of Mar.” 


Hsieh stressed the importance of team work in particular, as without everybody’s effort, Sheh Fung definitely could not have the samples submitted on time and acquire the ETA. Hsieh also noted that Sheh Fung has a wealth of professional skills, so they could get a “Passed!” after the first factory auditing. Moreover, as Sheh Fung’s has the all-inclusive production lines, it shows advantages in the immediate response and steadiness to R&D, manufacturing and quality control.


Focused Product of Sheh Fung at FF Stuttgart 2019 - Timber Screw

Sheh Fung applied for ETA with its new product - Timber Screw, which is particularly used in European wood construction and is available in 32 specifications. It will be also available in customized specifications in the future. Hsieh added, “At FF Stuttgart 2019, this product and acquisition of ETA will be the focal points in Sheh Fung’s promotion, in order to catch the attention of European customers and win their trust in our products.” 


Market Expectation:

With the Momentum of Being ETA Certified, Sheh Fung Expects to Increase the Percentage of Export to Europe

Hsieh particularly mentioned, “Being ETA certified represents upgrade in quality level. Meanwhile, we expect to make the most of this credit to boost sales of our other products.” Hsieh added that the current markets of Sheh Fung are Europe and USA, representing around 70% of Sheh Fung’s export. However, sales are not evenly distributed in each of these two markets. As a result, she expects that the ETA certificate could help increase its share in the European market.


General manager Chen said, “One of the benefits ETA could bring to Sheh Fung is that it could help us solicit more customers without the ETA certificate to purchase from us.” However, Chen also said that ETA is a completely new area for Sheh Fung, which will not cause any impact on existing customers. At this moment the market strategy of Sheh Fung is to broaden its business territory, expand the product portfolio, and most importantly, increase the proportion of ETA certified product supplies.  


Future Prospects and Goals

Starting business as a self-drilling and Kaitex coating screws supplier and facing the market trend of business innovation, Sheh Fung has drafted its blueprints for future development. Hsieh added, “We have to consolidate the business in construction products first before we could have more time to fulfil the next goal.” Speaking of future plans, Chen also added, “Our current goal is to stabilize the sales of our ETA certified products. As for our next future plan, we may have one perhaps in the 2nd half this year.”


Guided by the vision of General manager Chen, Sheh Fung will gradually go toward business transformation and product diversification. With mature techniques and manufacturing capabilities, Sheh Fung expects to develop high-quality products and offer superior service for more industrial applications in the near future.


Sheh Fung contact: Ms. Rita Su

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