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Biing Feng Rolls out New HMI system- 2nd Generation Takes the Helm of Digital Innovation
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by Dean Tseng, Fastener World


Biing Feng Enterprise is one of the pioneers of cold forging nuts and parts formers in Taiwan. Its formers are divided into 3 types: standard, long stroke, and P.K.O. series. These formers are provided at reasonable prices and endure for over 30 years. In recent years the company has presented 8-station formers to help clients improve productivity. Last year, Fastener World correspondents visited the company and witnessed how it pushed global sales and sold nearly 6,000 formers to 32 countries (Europe, Americas, Southeast Asia and the Middle East) in the past 4 decades by customizing formers and providing optional functions. That was just a conservative sales estimate provided by Biing Feng which is practical, earnest and monumental in the industry. This year we knocked on the door of Biing Feng again and what we saw was completely brand-new, including a new plant completed last year that expanded the company’s perimeter. Most importantly, in our latest interview with Lance Wei and his wife Penny Chen, a.k.a. the 2nd generation, we saw this united couple bring junior, middle-aged and senior employees together and make an effective breakthrough with them.


2nd Generation’s Commitment:

Divisions Integration, Digital Management, Innovative R&D

In our interview with Lance, he spoke of the story he went through to take the role as general manager. He started early learning technical drawing, 2D/3D drawing and mechanical automation as a student; in the meantime, he was part of Biing Feng’s factory staff in charge of material preparation, contracting, and assembly. After he completed his military service, he stayed at the factory doing administrative and sales work. He said his journey to the manager role was a process of self-exploration, and he had to do everything on his own. He had to be present at the factory to fetch the status of the worksite, equipment, current conditions, and solve problems. The first big mission and challenge as manager for him was to seek common grounds among different opinions of all divisions, and re-arrange/re-connect the production processes of those divisions into a streamlined procedure.


Another mission for him is to implement employee training. He invited experts to lecture on “Total Productive Management”, and utilized ERP to connect and manage all divisions. Furthermore, he preferred taking external trainings together with his division directors and growing with them, and he put up a team in his management style to improve internal procedure and enhance improvement.



Self-Developed HMI system

During the interview, Lance took the time to guide us on his latest HMI system in which the software and hardware was designed by him indecently as a token of innovation from the 2nd generation. The critical functions of the interface include: production tracking, anomaly report, punch/die wear alert, QC inspection, data digitization and export, and bilingual (English/Chinese) support. The interface features user-friendly operation for quick and easy learning and makes it more convenient for managers to clearly understand the status of production line. It displays a graphic on the screen showing the position of dysfunctional components, and saves operators the time and trouble of fumbling around for nothing by locating and tackling mechanical failures right on the spot. For problems that clients cannot deal with, Biing Feng provides after-sale service and onsite repair to domestic and overseas clients.


Lance also mentioned he was taking on product innovation. Speaking of the development process under his leadership, he said senior and junior employees were highly involved and that the senior employees were glad to see the 2nd generation bring a new change to the company. That perfectly explains why Biing Feng’s employees are highly loyal and over half of them have over 10 years of experience. “Penny and I love to work with our employees. We will continue leading them to a bright future as we march ahead!” said Lance. The couple also expressed their gratitude to all the clients who provided support and encouragement. We already can’t wait to see the next new products that Biing Feng will roll out!



Biing Feng’s contact: General manager Lance Wei, Sales representative Penny Chen



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